State and Local Governments Avoid ObamaCare Like It’s the Plague

A mere six months away, there is still very little known of what ObamaCare entails, but one thing is certain: ObamaCare is financially disastrous. Even state and local governments realize it.

In an effort to stave off economic ruin the private sector is seeking to cut the hours of part time workers to avoid being looted by ObamaCare. Organizations such as The Regal Entertainment Group and Darden Restaurants, the parent organization for chains such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse, were criticized and abused for “greediness” by hounds of the regime.

But “greedy capitalists” are far from alone in their desperation to avoid the ObamaCare haymaker; what isn’t being reported, because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative, is that state and local governments, nationwide, are doing the exact, same thing. And they’re doing it in much larger numbers.

Despite full-throated insistence by the regime and its lap-dog media to the contrary, ObamaCare does not cover everyone (the CBO states between 30 million and 55 million individuals would not be covered), it will raise the national debt . . . and by a lot more than “a single dime” as sworn by President Obama (the Government Actuarial Office issued a February report stating the bill would add $6.2 trillion dollars to the national debt) and healthcare will become far more expensive for states and individuals. cited examples of state and local governments cutting part-time staff hours, mostly those of low-income employees. States like Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, Nebraska, Utah, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California. Every state listed is cutting hundreds and thousands of employees and their hours in a frantic attempt to save millions of dollars, funds they say they simply don’t have. Much like the rest of us.

Criticism by officials is blunt:

  • “[T]hey are alarmed and confounded by the looming new costs they face with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act… ObamaCare’s costs could put us all out of business” Chris Hipp, Director of a Kansas special education cooperative.
  • “If we had to provide health care and other benefits to all of our employees, the burden on the city would be tremendous…” John O’Reilly, Mayor, Dearborn Michigan.
  • “The Commonwealth of Virginia is grappling with the same issues that many businesses in the private sector are as they struggle to deal with the costs imposed by the Affordable Care Act… The state is requiring that about 7,000 part-time government workers put in no more than 29 hours a week.” Paul Logan, spokesman for Gov. McDonnell.
  • “It will affect multiple departments, a majority of departments…”Eric Nisbitt, deputy administrative officer.

The comment that seems to sum up government’s opinion best comes from Commissioner Gordon Rinschler, of Birmingham, Michigan: “We simply can’t afford the Affordable Care Act.”

So say we all.