State Department Refuses Help to Christians because They Are Christians

They are not worth helping even though the State Department has used tax funds to help others, including possibly ISIS members.

We often posted about how terrorists sponsored and “stimulated” by State Department and Pentagon policy have persecuted Christians. But Barack Obama and others in our pagan Federal Government are absolutely committed to pretending there is no religious persecution where Christians are the target. The President would rather talk about outliers like the Army of the Lord in Africa rather than deal with the rampant persecution of Christians.

But now the Philos Project has written about a new level of calculation and self-aware repudiation of Christians that is on display at the State Department.

Evidence suggests that within the administration not only is there no passion for persecuted Christians under threat of genocide from the Islamic State, there is no room for them, period. In fact, despite ISIS’ targeting of Iraqi Christians specifically because they are Christians, and, as such, stand in the way of a pure, Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East (and beyond), the U.S. State Department has made it clear that “there is no way that Christians will be supported because of their religious affiliation.”

An Anglican bishop revealed that this policy position presented to him in his most recent interaction with State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM). The Rt. Rev. Julian M. Dobbs, bishop of the Diocese of CANA East (Convocation of Anglicans in North America) is an advocate for persecuted people worldwide. On this occasion, Dobbs was appealing on behalf of a group of Assyrian Christians desperately in need of rescue from northern Iraq.

The report goes on to document how bad it is for Christians in some places in the Middle East. The dire situation is reflected in the fact that Christian leaders, who have typically exhorted Christians to stay in their homes in order to not empty those places of all Christian witness, have started exhorting them all to leave!

So how has the State Department responded to this?

Dobbs, accompanied to the State Department by humanitarian Sir Charles Hoare, 9th Baronet Hoare of Annabella, County Cork, informed State Department officials of a plan by one well-known Christian international aid agency to provide safer housing for Iraqi Christians. Christians are trying to survive in unfinished concrete buildings – such as shopping malls – in the Christian enclave of Ankawa rather than in the UNHCR camp with the other refugees, because they are even threatened by some of the Muslim refugees.

The organization purchased used military tents from British troops in Afghanistan to set up on land that had been provided by the local authorities. 


But the tents need to be transported from Afghanistan to Iraq. Unfortunately, neither the British nor American government was willing to provide transportation. The State Department told Dobbs, “We would have to refigure an entire military aircraft” to move the tents. So instead, the group is working to raise some $778,000 to transport the tents to Iraq by land. Dobbs revealed that the State Department advised him against setting up emergency housing for Christians in the region, saying it was “totally inappropriate.”

To understand the incredible (and murderous) double standard that the State Department is practicing, consider the difference between what they do with our tax money for potential Islamic terrorists to what they allow private donors to do for Iraqi Christians:

Donors in the private sector have offered complete funding for the airfare and the resettlement in the United States of these Iraqi Christians that are sleeping in public buildings, on school floors, or worse. But the State Department – while admitting 4,425 Somalis to the United States in just the first six months of FY2015, and possibly even accepting members of ISIS through the Syrian and Iraqi refugee program, all paid for by tax dollars, told Dobbs that they “would not support a special category to bring Assyrian Christians into the United States.”

The United States government has made it clear that there is no way that Christians will be supported because of their religious affiliation, even though it is exactly that – their religious affiliation – that makes them candidates for asylum based on a credible fear of persecution from ISIS. The State Department, the wider administration, some in Congress and much of the media and other liberal elites insist that Christians cannot be given preferential treatment.

The only reason Christians in Iraq are facing any life-threatening persecution is because we overthrew the secular regime in that country, replaced it with much weaker Islamic government, and then financed and empowered Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Libya and Syria. Now we are making sure that the Christians die in the execution chamber that we constructed around them.

Welcome to the land of Liberal tolerance and human rights. We are in the grip of a sociopathic, pagan ruling elite that wants to let Christians die while pretending it isn’t happening. They will share cells in eternity with Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, and all the other killers of humanity.