State Department Unsure if Taliban are Terrorists

A spokeswoman for the State Department said she was “not sure” whether the Taliban is considered a terrorist organization when she was questioned by reporters at a Tuesday press briefing.

Spokeswoman Jen Psaki’s confusion is understandable, since the U.S. announced on Tuesday that it was entering negotiations with the Taliban to end more than a decade of war.

When reporters questioned the legality of holding negotiations with a group that had previously been designated a terrorist organization, Psaki said she was “not sure how they’re defined at this particular moment.”

Isn’t it obvious? They’re “defined” as the backwards barbarians our feckless president and political leaders couldn’t force to surrender despite 12 years of trying.

The United States went into war with the intention of winning. The vastly underwhelming Taliban, by contrast, had no chance of winning outright. Consequently, in order to win, what it had to do was just not lose. Twelve years later, they’re still standing, still defiant.

By  going to the table without a Taliban surrender, our president is conceding the Taliban victory.

Appearances are everything to this president, regardless of substance, so this is being spun as a political advancement that will allow us to finish withdrawing troops in the next couple of years.

The confusion among the people who are supposed to be leading the nation in the War on Terror comes from the top.

Obama is so morally twisted that he has no qualms about completely reversing this nation’s course and seeking alliances with our enemies as he tries to fulfill a personal agenda by starting wars in Muslim nations across Africa and the Mideast.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who these days is the world’s voice of sanity, has repeatedly called Obama on his secret dealings in Syria. Obama’s recent decision to openly arm the so-called “rebels” led an angry Putin at the G-8 summit to warn Britain and the U.S. against supporting the “cannibal” rebels.

He wasn’t just engaging in rhetoric. In May, video appeared on the Internet showing Syrian rebel leader Abu Sakkar cutting out and eating the heart of an enemy soldier.

These are the types of monsters our president wants to give money and weapons to.

So is it any wonder that the State Department can’t tell allies from terrorists?