State-Forced Vegetarianism — It’s What’s for Dinner

The D.C. enviro-food nazis are at it again.

It’s bad enough they’ve already screwed with school lunches so much that kids would rather go hungry. Not that school lunches were ever gourmet, but there was a time when a kid could at least get a decent-sized chunk of pizza smothered in mozzarella, accompanied by a fruit cup, a small dessert and a pint of milk. Now, kids are lucky if they get a piece of celery and a dollop of peanut butter with a micro-sip of juice. If our local school districts represent the norm, most of the school lunches these days are bare variations on pressed granola.

Having ruined children’s nutrition, federal officials are now targeting grown-up foods at the grocery store, like ground beef and seafood.

Last month, the USDA came under well-deserved criticism for proposed dietary guidelines and regulations that some critics say would remove beef as part of a healthy diet. Meanwhile, this month, the USDA announced it is expanding pork and beef exports to Mexico and Peru.

According to Rep. Kevin Cramer, the proposed guidelines go off track “from purely nutritional evidence and (are) venturing into areas like environmental sustainability and tax policy” in support of a “green” agenda pushed by environmental lobbyists.

The same crowd is now going after farm-raised fish.

Proposed regulations for fish farmers include an all “organic” (which I’m betting will somehow mean GMO corn) diet that is guaranteed to push existing arm-and-a-leg seafood prices even higher.

The whole reason fish farms have caught on in the first place is that government so regulated the fishing industry that it became prohibitively expensive to go out in a boat and catch fish the traditional way. Now, the feds are looking for ways to increase the costs of farmed fish.

While feeding farmed fish a healthy diet sounds like a good idea, if the government gets involved, it’s a virtual certainty that the “organic” diet will be far worse and far costlier than what fish farmers use now.

The lobbyists behind this effort have the same environmentalist agenda, which puts Gaia ahead of human beings.

The common denominator is that meat and fish will be more unaffordable for an average consumer. The concession that sales of beef will be increased to foreign countries is no doubt a sop to other lobbyists from the beef industry demanding that there be some market for ranchers’ goods.

The busybodies’ goal is to force people to become vegetarians, which goes against most people’s natural inclinations. I don’t know if this is part of the broader Agenda 21 plan, but it doesn’t take much imagination to see vegetarianism being slowly crammed down our throats. From crummy lunches to ridiculous dietary guidelines, food regulations and even, in California’s case, shutting off water to ranchers and farmers, the know-it-alls are working for a world of lower calorie intakes and less and less meat.

What will be the more likely result is that people will buy cheaper, less healthy cuts of meat and fish just to keep meat in their diets. If this is allowed to continue, future generations will be smaller and weaker than today. That’s what happens when you force malnutrition on an entire nation.

We’re already seeing effects like rising allergies caused by questionable farming and food processing practices. Some people may not have noticed or may not care, but the quality of food Americans used to enjoy finding at their grocery stores has definitely declined in my lifetime, and government assurances notwithstanding, I believe that government oversight is the most likely reason we as a people are becoming fatter and sicker.

When the people in charge of monitoring our food chain are more interested in some utopian view of the environment than in human health, it’s time to change the people in charge.