The State Never Has Compassion

Here is the side of the border crisis story that the moralists who harangue you for a lack of compassion conveniently ignore: Consuming our resources to care for all of these illegal immigrants costs money that must be plundered from other programs that assist people here at home.

Thus, the Daily Signal headline, “A Governor’s Dilemma: Illegal Immigrants Divert Resources From State’s Own Citizens”—an opinion piece from Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin.

These children are not bad people. They have been sent by their parents or other adults to make a long and dangerous journey to the United States because they have been lead to believe that our country will provide for them.

It is a dream stoked by President Obama, who continues to push amnesty and open borders whenever and wherever he can, by any means at his disposal.

I too want to help these children, and I certainly think they should be treated humanely and with dignity for the short time they stay in the U.S. I want them to live better lives. But, as governor, I have been entrusted with another responsibility: to help children right here in Oklahoma.

One in four Oklahoma children struggle with hunger. One in four will drop out of high school before graduating.

There are poor children in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Guymon and McAlester. They need our attention and our help. There are children who will grow up being abused, being lead into drugs, who struggle with poverty, or who will be recruited by violent gangs right here in our home state.

Have the supporters of this illegal immigration no compassion for Americans?

(I have massive problems with the whole picture, including the argument I just stated, but I present it for rhetorical purposes. The fact is that NOTHING government does is compassionate. The definition of compassion is to “suffer with”—to invest one’s time and resources caring for another. Government NEVER invests its own resources—it steals from others in order to do ostensibly good things, and to gain power from the transaction. There is no selfless sacrifice involved.)

It is wrong for the president to ask Oklahomans to divert their attention and limited resources away from our own children, just as it is wrong for him to ask our military to play host to a large daycare facility for undocumented minors. Oklahomans are not equipped to solve problems in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, just as we are not equipped to end conflicts or suffering in the Ukraine or Libya.

Government must ONLY do things which have been approved by the People whose money they spend. Yet the current power-brokers specialize in ignoring the will of the People—bailouts were opposed by over ninety percent of the country; this illegal immigration is massively unpopular, Obamacare is opposed by a majority—and they risk the entire legitimacy of American government power when they persist in taking such unsupported actions.