States Can Stop NSA By Refusing Utilities?

I have to admit, the thought of a state bringing down a massive Federal program—any Federal program—is what makes my leg tingle, to use Chris Matthews description. Some “activists” are advocating that Utah save the Republic from the NSA.

The National Security Agency has an Achilles heel, according to some anti-surveillance activists. The key vulnerability, according to members of the OffNow coalition of advocacy groups: The electronic spy agency’s reliance on local utilities.

The activists would like to turn off the water to the NSA’s $1.5 billion Utah Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah, and at other facilities around the country.

Dusting off the concept of “nullification,” which historically referred to state attempts to block federal law, the coalition plans to push state laws to prohibit local authorities from cooperating with the NSA.

Draft state-level legislation called the Fourth Amendment Protection Act would – in theory – forbid local governments from providing services to federal agencies that collect electronic data from Americans without a personalized warrant.

No Utah lawmaker has came forward to introduce the suggested legislation yet, but at least one legislator has committed to doing so, according to Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center. He declined to identify the lawmaker before the bill is introduced.

“We are still very early in the campaign, and this is in fact a multi-step, multi-year long-term strategy,” says Maharrey, whose group is part of the OffNow coalition along with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and a handful of other groups.

The movement is not restricted to Utah. They say they have a Washington representative who is interested in the law, though he is not committed to it as yet.

This sounds to me like a long-overdue exercise of the right recognized in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. If the Federal Government is going to illegally spy on the American people, including the people of Utah, there is no reason why Utah should cooperate with their illegal exercise.

As it stands now, the city of Bluffdale, Utah is providing low-priced water to cool the NSA data center located there. They are effectively being given a subsidy from the government.

We need to stop subsidizing or even cooperating with the destruction of the Bill of Rights.