States Should Sue New York For Sending Chuck Schumer to Senate

New York Senator Chuck Schumer claimed that the new immigration bill will fix America’s illegal immigration problem. If passed, Schumer said, “Illegal immigration will be a thing of the past.” In one sense he’s right. By making what was illegal legal, thus, making what was illegal a thing of the past.

Please, New York, quit sending people like Schumer to the Senate. Not only does he hurt New York, but he’s hurting the rest of America. If you don’t elect someone better next election, the other 49 states might sue your state for incompetence. Keep in mind that New York pays more in taxes than it gets in return. That alone should get your blood boiling.

Opponents of the Gang of Eight want border security before the passage of any new immigration law. There’s much more to this issue than border security.

Democrats see immigration as a way to secure political power for decades. They don’t want the border secured. The want illegals made legal. They want their votes . . . they need their votes.

Becoming an American citizen should be hard but not impossible.

Like millions of Americans, I’m the grandson of immigrants. My parents’ parents were born in Italy. Between them, they raised 23 children in America.

While still retaining their Italian heritage (they never did speak English well), they were American through and through. My father’s father changed the family name from DeMario to DeMar. He wanted his children to be known as Americans.

My mother’s parents traded their land in the country outside of Pittsburgh for a house in the city. They wanted their children to imbibe what it meant to be American. My grandparents were poor. Their children were not. There wasn’t a welfare system to take as a path of least resistance.

I am not anti-immigrant. The more the merrier under the right conditions.

I suspect that most immigrants – legal and illegal – are good people. But so are most Americans who were born and raised here. Even so, tens of millions of them take advantage of a generous welfare system that is tipping the political balance of power in favor of a long-term Democrat majority and driving our economic base into an every-growing financial sinkhole.

People from other countries want to come to America for a better life. Part of that better life is participating in numerous wealth-transfer programs. Not all of them but enough of them to make a difference.

The Republicans don’t want to look bad politically. They also need the immigrant (mostly Hispanic) vote. They also need the votes of conservatives who see a bait-and-switch political betrayal.

As I said, becoming an American citizen should be hard but not impossible. The border would not have to be secured if all new immigrants could not vote for at least three presidential election cycles and welfare benefits were denied until citizenship is obtained legally. Long term, the entire welfare system needs to be scrapped for everybody. We either do it the easy way (legislation) or the hard way (economic reality leading to national default).

Full citizenship could be accelerated if proof could be shown of long-term employment.

People don’t cross the border of countries where there are no opportunities. Very few people are clamoring to sneak into Cuba or North Korea for economic reasons. The Communist East Germans had to build a wall to keep people from escaping to the West.

Illegals in the country would have to go through the citizenship process and come under the same restrictions.

If we scrapped the existing income tax system, legal and illegal immigrants, foreigners on work visas, visiting students, as well as tourists would pay taxes through a national sales tax. A national sales tax coupled with a massive reduction in government spending would create an economic engine that would outperform the world.

Schumer and his fellow Gang of Eight and capitulating Republicans are not attacking the problem at the root. We’ll never fix our nation’s immigration problem until we understand what makes America attractive, and it’s not all the right stuff.