Still No Extreme Weather that Global Warming is Supposed to Cause

Whenever extreme weather hits, it proves climate change, and when it stops for longer than expected, it never disproves climate change.

We have written about the strange absence of extreme weather more than once. One post that comes to mind was written by Bob Allen in December of 2014: “Global Warming Creates Extreme Weather that Doesn’t Exist.”

And now, in the Fall of 2015, the lack of extreme weather is still continuing. As CNS News reports, “NOAA: Hurricane Drought Hits Record 119 Months.”

As of today, no major hurricanes, defined as Category 3 or above, have struck the continental U.S. in a record-breaking 119 months, according to hurricane data kept by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Hurricane Research Division (HRC) dating back to 1851.

Last year, President Obama warned that hurricanes will become “more common and more devastating” because of climate change.

But Obama is now the longest serving president (since the 1851 start of NOAA’s data) not to see a major hurricane strike the U.S. during his time in office. He is also the first president since Benjamin Harris was in office 122 years ago to have no major hurricane strike during his term.

The last major hurricane to make landfall on the U.S. mainland was Hurricane Wilma, which came ashore on October 24, 2005.

Notice that President Obama’s speech writers are so confident that no mainstream news source will question the Global Warming pretense that they have no fear appealing to “more common and more devastating” hurricanes that never happen.

And when we finally have an overdue hurricane hit the United States, that will immediately prove that all global warming hysteria is true and that climate change “deniers” are criminals that ought to be prosecuted.

Just wait. It will happen.