Stop the Insanity and Lindsey Graham is Insane

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) needs to join the Democrat Party, resign, decide not to run in 2014, or the voters of South Carolina need to vote him out of office . . . please.

Graham wants to move on from ObamaCare. Here’s the problem: If ObamaCare is financed, we’ll never be rid of it.

“On ABC News’ This Week, Graham said Paul Ryan should team up with John Boehner to pass some kind of deal ‘that doesn’t delay or defund [Obamacare] but would be good government.’

“‘That’s the best thing for the Republican Party and for the country. But as between House and Senate Republicans, the sooner this is over, the better for us, guys.’”

Graham means the better for him and those who live off the government trough. He and his fellow-establishment Republicans live above the laws they impose on the rest of us. What’s been great about the shutdown is that there have been very few if any laws passed.

Another reason for Graham being anxious about stopping the shutdown is that it’s beginning to show voters that many government services are not needed or at least scaled back by a considerable amount.

It would be easy to fix the budgetary shortfall by proposing a ten percent reduction in government spending. Pass a law calling for every government agency cut its budget by ten percent.

American families have had to reduce their spending habits, so why not America’s government? The federal government is one of the few sectors that has increased the number of employees and their wages. Have you noticed the sky-rocketing price of real estate in and around Washington, DC?

A Slate article states that Washington-area house pricing have risen by double digits.

DC Home Prices_Cropped
Median Sale Price by Jurisdiction
in Washington, DC Metro Area

It’s good to know that Graham “already has one announced challenger in the 2014 South Carolina Republican primary for the United States Senate in businessman Richard Cash.” Reports are that he may two more challengers. This could be a problem. There needs to be only one GOP challenger by the time of the primary.