Stop The Soma! The Kids Don’t Have ADHD; North America Has Societal Domestication Syndrome

It is ironic that, right after I post on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, I find out that now we claim that more than one in ten children has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. What a windfall for our “soma” manufacturers, Big Pharma!


Yes, that was me shouting.

Before I write anything else, I want to tell every parent out there that I am writing about a broad trend in society. I am not writing about your specific child. I don’t know him or her and I won’t do your parenting for you. I can’t say anything about your child and I am not trying to. I am speaking to statistics here. You have to decide how my points might apply in your life and to your child.

But this is getting ridiculous.

The problem is not the kids. The problem is North American society. We have developed in such a way that we cannot cope with a slice of the spectrum of normal kids (or at least normal kids trying to deal with our culture) without medicating them.

Associate Press:

The number of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder continues to rise, health officials say. The latest survey says more than one in 10 children has been diagnosed with it. ADHD has been increasing for at least 15 years. Experts think that’s because more doctors are looking for ADHD, and more parents know about it. But the new survey suggests the increase may be leveling off a little.

Leveling off at over ten percent of children is a joke, not science or medicine. The “experts” are all chosen is to justify the medicalization of our children. It would be the easiest thing in the world to find experts who think that most ADHD diagnoses are scams. But that is not the purpose of our stenographer media. They exist simply to serve as a PR force for the CDC, which itself is usually simply a wing of the pharmaceutical industry (look up, regulatory capture).

Why doesn’t the media ask the basic questions? It isn’t that hard. Take this article, for example, which asks if ADHD is overdiagnosed and says the answer is more complicated than simply “yes” or “no.” I’m more certain of a “yes” answer but my point is that it is possible to give more sides of an issue.

Why is the media being entirely one-sided in this case? If more than ten percent of kids can’t function in our system, maybe we’re the ones with the problem.