Storm of Obamacare Insurance Cancellations Hits Colorado

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, notice of Obamacare insurance cancellations are going out to many Coloradans.

crash and burn cash

It is all just more fallout from the Big Lie: “If you like your plan you can keep your plan.”

The Colorado Division of Insurance announced Friday a surge in health-care policy cancellations in the wake of Obamacare, just what Democratic candidates in high-profile races didn’t need less than three weeks before Election Day.

In a letter to state Senate Republicans, Colorado insurance commissioner Marguerite Salazar said that more than 22,000 Coloradans received cancellation notices in the last month, and that 192,942 Coloradans will lose their policies at the end of 2015.

That would bring the total number of cancellations in Colorado to more than 550,000 by the time the Affordable Care Act has been fully implemented and non-compliant plans have been phased out. Ten Colorado carriers have opted to continue offering non-compliant plans through 2015, Ms. Salazar said.

The report fueled a fresh barrage of Republican attacks against vulnerable Democrats, starting with Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Mark Udall, both of whom are locked in tight reelection fights. Republican Rep. Cory Gardner issued a statement Friday blasting Mr. Udall’s continued support for Obamacare.

“Coloradans continue to pay the price for Senator Udall’s broken promise,” said Mr. Gardner, who’s challenging the Democratic incumbent. “It’s unfortunate Senator Udall has been so eager to please President Obama that he has forgotten thousands of Coloradans across our state.”

If we Republicans can take the Senate and do so because of Obamacare that will be a wonderful signal to Liberal rulers about how well their policies work. Let’s pray it happens and work hard to that end.

Mr. Udall has previously noted that the vast majority of those receiving cancellation notices have been offered new policies, although critics argue they’re not the same.

No they are not remotely the same. Bronze Plans, which come the nearest in price to the typical cancelled policy, require such high payments for services, that people are deciding to not go to the doctor and suffer rather than try to pay the price. Furthermore, prices for Obamacare plans are surging so high that the Obamacare website won’t reveal the new rates until after the November elections.

May the Democrats get crushed in the elections. If they aren’t, then let it be known that the nation deserves the crushing that it has voted for.