Here Is The Story Of Someone Liberals Wish They Had Disarmed

When you support “gun control” you don’t impede men like Kevin McLaughlin, but you do often stop people like Marlo Ellis from being able to intervene.

From the Hot Air blog:

One person is dead after a customer at the Dollar General in Orrville began shouting and waving his gun in the air.

Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman said the incident appeared to be a case of self-defense and no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting Thursday afternoon.

The incident occurred when Dallas County resident Kevin Mclaughlin entered Dollar General reportedly waving a pistol in the air, Huffman said. Mclaughlin then ushered a group of people inside the store into a break room.

“It appears that once the cashier got inside the break room, a customer that was walking into the break room shot the individual, the white male, with the pistol,” Huffman said. “There was only one shot fired and that shot struck the individual with the pistol causing the disturbance.”

District Attorney Michael Jackson confirmed the customer who reportedly shot Mclaughlin was Orrville resident Marlo Ellis.

Huffman said Ellis used his own weapon in the incident.


Law enforcement officials are calling Marlo Ellis a hero in the wake of Thursday’s shooting at the Dollar General in Orrville.

Dallas County Sheriff’s Department chief deputy Randy Pugh said McLaughlin’s motive is still unclear, but the death appeared to be a case of self-defense.

“We don’t know what would have happened, but we know what could have happened,” Pugh said. “We see every indication that the shooting was a case of self defense.”

Sincerely, none of us likes to consider a scenario like this—and, yes, it’s terrible any man has to be shot—but welcome back to reality: Evil men often do evil things.

Perhaps well-meaning, but short-sighted, laws only stop responsible citizens from having the ability to respond and prevent carnage. May God comfort Marlo as he deals with the aftermath of having to do what he did.

I also pray comfort to Mr. McLaughlin’s family… mercy amidst justice.