Student Who Refused to Deny God Calls School Board ‘Liars’

Following up from our earlier post about a teacher who told students that God is a myth, here is Jordan Wooley’s second confrontation with the Katy ISD school board:

According to EAG News,

“You tried to cover up the incident. You tried to twist your words to where it was hard to find the truth,” Jordan said from the podium, Fox 26 reports. “You called me a liar without using the word liar.”

“If anything has been said that was wrong it was your words, not mine,” Wooley said. “You lied about saying the assignment was not graded, although it originally was, until the principal changed it.”

She told the board she was told to kill herself and called words “I’m not allowed to say.”

“I’m not asking for much, all I’m asking for is the truth and an apology for lying,” she said.

Jordan was cut off mid-sentence after one minute and 45 seconds and was not able to complete her statement, according to parent activist Alice Linehan.

She was strong yet respectful and received a standing ovation,” Linehan says.

Other parents appreciated Jordan’s remarks and dispute Superintendent Alton Frailey’s account of events.

Despite initially apologizing for the assignment, Frailey later said at a press conference, “If I had any reason to believe, or evidence to support, that a teacher did what has been alleged, I would stand with Jordan as well.

“But the assertions are just not true.”

But, remember, the local Fox station found plenty of confirming evidence.