Stupid Republican Believes Obama Dinner With GOP Was Sincere Bipartisanship

Bobby Jindal had it right: the GOP is truly the stupid party. Sure, stupid is better than corrupt and deceitful, like the Democrats, and at least stupidity will get good results sometimes, albeit accidentally. But man, Republicans sure do have their share of moments of naïvete.

While Senator Rand Paul was speaking on the Senate floor for 13 hours to filibuster the nomination of John Brennan to lead the CIA, there were twelve of his Republican colleagues dining with President Obama at a fancy restaurant.

One particular member of the Stupid Party, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, lived up to his party’s name, saying that he believes Obama’s invitation to dinner is a sign that Obama truly does want to end his partisanship. Oh, Tom, bless your heart. (By the way, Coburn was one of the twelve).

“I think he gets it,” said Coburn, “and I think he’s genuinely reaching out. I think the president is tremendously sincere. I don’t think this is just a political change in tactic. I think he actually would like to solve the problems of the country….”

You think wrong, Tom. Obama wants only to make himself and his fellow Democrats look good. Obama is not reaching out to get anything done; he is reaching out because he knows the media will portray him, as they did after last Wednesday’s dinner, as a great compromiser. In turn, being that he is basically the head of the Democratic Party, Democrats as a whole will look good as well.

Obama wants to do this because there is still one more election he can have a huge hand in, and Obama is only truly happy when he is campaigning. It’s why he chose as his vocation “community organizing,” which is nothing more than being a professional campaigner, riling people up, rousing the rabble, so that the change you seek in your community may be brought to fruition.

Because Obama represents Democrats at large, his “reach across the aisle” (shiver) will make Democrats who are up for re-election in 2014 look much better than Republicans. That is the motive behind Obama’s actions: political victory, not a newly realized sense of camaraderie with the Republicans. He can’t create a socialist dystopian hell without Democrats controlling all branches of government, so he’s going to fight hard for Democratic victories. If that fight includes giving the illusion of inclusion, he’ll hold his nose and engage the GOP.

After the 2014 mid-terms, there will be no more elections for Obama to play in. It will be then, without the fear of losing Democratic control of Congress, that he can really crank up the Marxism.

So please, Senator Coburn, don’t be stupid.