Sunday, Bloody Sunday: Muslims Were Busy Over the Weekend

Sunday proved to be a very productive day for Muslims. Great strides were taken, and with explosive gusto, to convince the world that Islamists are a peaceful people, or at least would be if we infidels would only submit and stop forcing them to commit acts of mass-slaughter. I weep for their plight.

Four Buddhist temples and 15 homes were peacefully burned in Bangladesh by Muslims. A Buddhist had insulted their religion on Facebook, they claimed. And who would want to do that?

A Sunday school in Kenya was peacefully blown up by a Muslim group, killing one child and critically injuring three.

A peaceful bomb went off near an Islamic boarding school in Nigeria. This was Muslim-on-Muslim violence, so it doesn’t bother me as much as the others. Let them render themselves extinct, I say.

Grenades peacefully exploded at a trade fair in Thailand, injuring 30 people.

A Muslim peacefully car-bombed himself and at least eight others in Syria. I won’t make any rash judgments on this one, though, because as of right now it is still uncertain whether the Muslim did this in the name of Islam, or if this was just his very inept way of collecting car insurance.

Thirty-two people were peacefully killed by a series of exploding cars in Iraq. According to Reuters, three cars exploded in Baghdad, killing eight; three exploded twelve miles north, in Taji, killing 11; a little over 100 miles away, another went off and killed four; two were killed in Madaen when a bus exploded; two were killed in Balad Ruz; one was killed in Mosul; and four others were killed in other car explosions across the country. While no group has taken credit for these explosions as of this writing, it’s safe to say that these were car bombs and not mere manufacturer’s defects in the engines, a la the Chevy Volt.

And to top it all off, two American Marines were killed in Afghanistan, bringing the number of American troop deaths in that country to 2,000, the majority of which occurred under Barack Obama’s three and a half years in office, a statistic that will not be appearing on tomorrow’s front pages.

And remember Obama’s immortal words: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” It’s tempting to agree, considering that any insult to Islam is always followed by a body count.