Supporting a $100 Dollar a Day Habit with Food Stamps

In 2011, the Federal Government spent $107 billion dollars on welfare programs for American families and children. Mandatory drug screening for social welfare recipients should be a moral imperative in the United States. Contrary to what liberals would like you to believe welfare recipient drug abuse is an epidemic in our nation. The black market food stamp business is bleeding the taxpayer and destroying lives every day.

After 10 years of reckless behavior a Texas mother on welfare is facing prison time for felony intoxicated vehicular assault of three innocent children. During her interview with Family Protective Services this white mother of three children ages 13, 2, and 2 months admitted to having a $100 a day Soma and Loraset addiction; which she admitted was financed in part by the sale of her $789 monthly state food stamp allowance. All three of her children have been removed from her care and placed with relatives until such time as permanent placement is allowed by law.

The very real consequences of poorly supervised food stamp and welfare programs couldn’t be any more obvious than in this Texas case. Had the government required regular drug screening for this woman chances are her habit would have been detected and a disastrous head on collision may have been prevented. A head on collision that resulted in both her baby girl and 2 year old toddler being life lighted to a Houston trauma center with critical injuries. The accident took place late one Saturday morning while mom was speeding to meet her Soma contact children in tow. Subsequent hair follicle toxicology tests performed on mom at the hospital revealed a long history of prescription drug abuse. Our welfare mom’s 2 year old boy tested positive for both cocaine and methamphetamines.

Liberal politicians would rather the general public ignore the failure of our social safety net and continue to pump more money into a system littered with fraud and documented abuse. After all, it wasn’t Texas mom’s fault her husband has been in and out of prison and of course society has an obligation to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves no matter the costs. Right?

However, here are some of the costs they don’t want you to think about: 1) Family medical expenses paid for by the taxpayer (in the hundreds of thousands territory) 2) Mom’s court appointed criminal attorney and the costs of her impending incarceration. 3) Mom’s and Dad’s CPS required drug screening, drug rehab and psychological evaluations. 3) Mom and Dad’s court appointed CPS attorneys (required by law before parental rights can be terminated). 4) Countless hours of CPS staff time and labor investigating and documenting the history of the family.  5) And this is the best one yet: $200 dollars a month in food stamps for this welfare queen while she is out on bail awaiting trial.

As extreme as this case my sound it is not as rare as you may think. All over America the food stamp and welfare gravy train is growing a subculture of fraud, drug dependency and family destruction yet our politicians have done nothing. To the contrary they have expanded these programs, lowered qualification standards and relaxed once required accountability protocols; all at taxpayer expense.

This is not a racial issue as some would like to argue. It is a moral issue. All over our nation “free government money” is finding its way into the hands of criminals feeding the habits of professional screw ups and the government turns its head.  As this Texas example proves, taxpayers are paying for a lot more than milk and diapers. For the bleeding hearts that wish to shape welfare recipients as society’s victims, I would point them to three kids in Texas who will never know their parents and may never have break free of the culture of welfare dependency that destroyed their family. What type of contribution will these kids make to our American culture?