Sweden Has Had Enough: No More Refugees

Actually, I should write that Swedish taxpayers don’t like paying for legal and illegal immigrants. They are especially fed up with being taxed to import rapists and other criminals. The latest surge of immigrants has finally provoked Sweden to close its borders somewhat.

The Washington Post reports,

“We’re willing to do more than anyone else,” said Swedish Migration Minister Morgan Johansson. “But even we have our limits.”

Those limits can be readily seen in a tent camp where dozens of migrants are bedding down in the frigid Nordic winter and at the train station where many new arrivals are turned back within minutes of setting foot on Swedish soil.

“You have your ID?” a police officer asked passengers one recent evening after their train had traversed the 7.5-mile Oresund Bridge and crossed from Denmark into Swedish territory.

Five young Afghan men did not. They were given a choice: immediately claim asylum or catch the next train back to Denmark. Until recently, there would have been no ID check — and under rules set to take effect next week, the men might have been prevented from reaching Sweden at all.

The impact of such controls could be felt far beyond Sweden: The country’s dramatic shift threatens to wreak havoc all the way down Europe’s migrant trail in 2016 by setting off a domino effect in which countries seal their borders for fear that their neighbors will do the same.

Barriers have already risen across the continent, primarily in the transit nations for migrants traveling by land into wealthy Western Europe. Hungary lined its borders with razor wire, forcing this autumn’s unparalleled streams of humanity farther west into Croatia and Slovenia.

Other than a brief mention of the Paris attacks nothing at all is mentioned in the story about the crimes that the Swedes now have to deal with because their government was offering free apartments to immigrants.  I guess the WaPo is imitating the German police and media. The story is told solely from the perspective of the interests of the immigrants and the officials who are literally tearful about having to turn them away.

They tell of the disappointment of one Syrian refugee who came to Sweden expecting a free apartment and was only give a heated tent because there weren’t any apartments available.

Those are the expectations that the mainstream media treats as reasonable.

It reminds me of this video from the Netherlands.