Congress Moves to Protect Religious Freedom from Feds

Two Republican lawmakers are proposing a bill that would protect the religious freedom of organizations if the Supreme Court recognizes same-sex “marriage.” If you remember, Bob Allen posted about Albert Moehler’s review of the arguments presented to the Supreme Court about same-sex “marriage.” One of the things that the government spokesman told the justices was that a decision in recognizing such pseudo-marriage would put religious employers in jeopardy. They could be required to hire Read more […]

Police Bayonets – Whose Idea Was That?

Have you already heard about police bayonets? I have written about the militarization of police so much that sometimes I simply ignore the stories and look for other fare. So I almost missed NPR’s revelation that, along with the grenade launchers, and the armored vehicles, the military is giving police bayonets (and combat knives too). I have seen footage from other countries of riot police using all sorts of gear to put down a mob. Greece under austerity comes to mind. But I have never Read more […]