IRS: Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been a Christian?

The IRS abused its power in targeting conservatives for harassment and probably leaking information to liberal groups during the presidential election cycle. But the IRS’s actions crossed a line from merely corrupt into sinister when it grilled an Iowa pro-life group about its religious views. During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on Friday, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., asked outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller about it. “Their question,” Schock said, “specifically asked from the Read more […]

Liberals Just Now Waking Up to Obama Hangover

It’s not nice to laugh at stupid people, but sometimes the Left just makes it so difficult to refrain. This has been a rough start to 2013 for liberals, who have been rudely awakened to reality by a host of recent surprises from their leaders — surprises, that is, to liberals who just don’t seem to get how foreshadowing works. It’s the second week of the year, two months after the election, and it’s just now dawning on a lot of liberals that under Obama, their taxes are going up, health care Read more […]

Allen West, Mitt Romney and the Massive Voter Fraud Machine

A funny thing is happening after Democrats thought they won the elections. Not only are there rampant stories of voter fraud, but it appears that this time, oddly enough, some people seem inclined to do something about it. Congressman Allen West is demanding a complete recount of ballots in his 18th Congressional District race, which Democrat Patrick Murphy claims to have won. A partial recount over the weekend had West losing by 1,907 votes. West actually lost 132 votes in that recount, but Read more […]

Obama’s Katrina: Sandy Victims Suffer While Liberal ‘Leaders’ Jog On

Remember Hurricane Katrina, the “worst natural disaster in history”? With an estimated $125 billion in damage, the effects are still lingering today. And it was all Bush’s fault, from start to finish, from the inadequate berms protecting New Orleans to the looting, the rapes and the inability of FEMA to get water to refugees in the Superdome — or so we were told. The reality was somewhat different as many of the post-disaster delays were the fault of foot-dragging and red tape imposed by the Read more […]

Obama Campaign: The Die is Cast

The good news is the end of the Obama Administration may be near. The bad news is that for now we still have to put up with the layers of lies, self-delusions and narcissism as the Benghazi coverup and economy continue to unravel. On the economic front, gross domestic product for the third quarter of the year was reported at a paltry 2 percent, meaning the year is coming in at 1.74 percent, below last year’s weak 1.8 percent. And that’s with a last-minute burst of government spending that Read more […]

White House Knew Within Two Hours Libya Attack Was Terrorism

When last we left Benghazi, President Obama had lied in the presidential debate about taking two weeks to admit the attack was terror, with the assistance of lackey Candy Crowley. Now, according to emails obtained by Reuters, it is clear the White House was informed by the State Department within two hours after the attack that the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia was claiming responsibility. An email dated September 11, 2012, 6:07 p.m. carries the subject line “Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia Claims Read more […]

Living in the Days of ‘You’re …’

When I was young and first became a journalist, I quickly developed the requisite “thick skin.” It’s a necessity of the job, because no matter what you write, even something completely innocuous, there will be someone who’s ready to criticize you and tell you why you’re a complete moron. These days, decades later, our entire culture seems to have devolved into one ongoing shouting match, and we’re all walking around like pachyderms just for our own protection. Call it the “Days of You’re,” Read more […]

California Sees Rationing as Gasoline Jumps 25 Cents in Two Days

California is taking it on the chin this month for years of shortsighted anti-oil policies. The state has been hit with massive, virtually overnight increases in prices at the pump, which seem to be rocketing toward $5 a gallon. In Los Angeles, spot gas prices have soared $1 a gallon in the past week. Gas pump prices in the region rose by about 20 cents overnight Thursday. The average price is $4.315 at this writing, and prices above $5 were seen in parts of the San Fernando Valley. The Read more […]

Americans Brace for Financial Disaster if Obama Wins

By now it’s obvious that most major media polls on the election are heavily skewed to show Obama winning. Despite the trickery, the numbers being reported in the media have investors on edge, and with good reason. A second Obama term would undoubtedly be a continuation of the economic malaise we’ve been in, and more likely would deepen the slow spiral into an outright nosedive. America’s credit rating has already taken a hit, but with growing debt, swelling government entitlement programs, Read more […]

Administration’s ‘Tolerance’ of Murderers Is Just Cowardice

There’s a quote making the rounds of the Internet that’s being attributed to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough: “They weren’t ‘sympathizing.’ It was a statement of religious tolerance, and damn it, we stand for that in America. And if someone wants to put that out because they think it might keep Americans safe inside that embassy, who the hell has a problem with that?” It’s a chastisement of Mitt Romney for criticizing the Obama Administration’s flaccid response to the killing of our embassy personnel. Read more […]

Time is the Last Thing Obama Needs

The convention pleas of Barack Obama for more time to fix the economy sounded more like begging for mercy than a plan of action. Only someone with a completely numbed brain who hadn’t been paying attention for the past four years could have fallen for it. Naturally, the Democrat faithful lapped it up. King Obama has already had too much time to fix the economy, as Friday’s unemployment numbers showed. The Democrats’ demagogic faith in their “tax ’em to help ’em” strategy has kept the country Read more […]

Democrats Turn Their Backs on Israel

The Democratic Party platform makes official what Obama critics have known for some time, that the Left in this country no longer supports our ally Israel. From the beginning of the first Obama campaign for the presidency, it’s been obvious from Obama’s many statements and affiliations that he much prefers Muslims to Jews. Now the Democrats have removed a section of the 2008 platform that supported Israel over Hamas from the 2012 platform published online. Specifically, the points removed Read more […]