Trumping Trump–Can the GOP Get Rid of Him?

I am a registered Republican.  I am not an establishment Republican, and, I am only registered as a Republican so I can vote in the primaries.  When people start talking to me about Donald Trump being the GOP Candidate, I immediately start thinking about his stupid hair!  That is how seriously I take Donald Trump as a candidate.  I have also been known to compare him to Ross Perot.  He is a rich guy who can spend enough of his own money to get to the White House, and, he seems to believe his Read more […]

Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, and the 2016 Election

Benghazi continues to be an issue that Hillary Clinton can’t get away from.  Now, members of Clinton’s campaign team are suggesting that the Benghazi Committee, which is investigating the events on September 11, 2012, attack on the Benghazi, Libya, diplomatic compound, where U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed, is attempting to thwart Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. This accusation is supported by the recent lawsuit filed by Major Bradley Polska, an intelligence Read more […]

Are You “Ready for Hillary”?

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, “Ready for Hillary,” is already starting up, and it is ugly. Really ugly. It’s vaguely similar to Obama’s campaign, but with some crucial differences. Well, one main difference: it sucks. One of the first things I noticed is that they’re trying to get the American people and the presidential wanna-be on a first-name basis. Remember “Barack the Vote.” “Ready for Hillary” is like that, but it will probably be even more exclusive. Clinton knows Read more […]

Will Hillary Clinton Eventually Support Polygamy, Pedophilia, and Incest?

In 1996, then President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). He and Hillary did not support homosexual marriage. Boy, have times changed. Once Obama came out in support of homosexual marriage and still was re-elected, follow-the-leader politicians  have joined the gay parade to legalization. Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President in 2016 began with her recent pro-homosexual marriage message. She will run in 2016, and there won’t be any Democrat opposition. The money will Read more […]

Hillary PAC Hires First Senior Official for 2016 Campaign

On January 25 of this year, the Ready for Hillary political action committee was formed to explore the possibility of a race for the White House in 2016.  When the PAC was registered with the Federal Election Commission, George Washington University research professor of history, Allida Black, was listed as their chairwoman. The Ready for Hillary PAC is an independent group that has no formal ties to Hillary Clinton.  Their efforts are supposedly something that they are doing on their own without Read more […]

It’s Time to Start Planning to Pickoff Establishment Republicans

  Too much emphasis is placed on the Executive office when it comes to elections. While I would like to capture the White House, it isn’t necessary. The Senate was originally designed to protect the interests of the states. Unfortunately, popular elections have changed that constitutional provision. Senators are little more than 3-term congressmen. If we’re going to keep the House and expand its numbers and take back the Senate, we’ll have to start planning today. The first thing Read more […]