Should Skateboards be Banned Now?

Earlier this week, a young man at a Santa Ana, California, Starbucks acted out of self-defense when an older man approached him and attacked him.  The young man hit the older man with his skateboard.  Eyewitnesses gave this account to a local news station:  A man was pacing back and forth, bothering coffee shop customers outside the Starbucks location, and then began punching the store’s window. The man, who seemed to be on drugs, went inside and zoned in on a young skateboarder, the witnesses Read more […]

Gun Owners Ready to Defy Gun Ban as Feds Move Forward

Attorney General Eric Holder has begun beefing up the National Instant Criminal Background Check System as outlined in President Obama’s executive actions against firearms. Holder’s initial orders will give local law enforcement access to the federal gun sale database and will ensure that rejected applications are kept on record indefinitely. Even as the Administration that funneled weapons to Mexican drug cartels and sold advanced fighter aircraft to the Muslim Brotherhood clamps down on citizens’ Read more […]