New Book Provides Further Evidence US made ISIS

The US made ISIS in order to destroy Syria’s secular dictatorship, without caring about the Christians or others they knew would be raped, tortured, and murdered. I’ve already posted about how the US made ISIS by funding terrorists. We have seen how officials try to evade obvious questions when they are posed by reporters (which they do all too seldom). But now there is a new book out which documents more of the actions involved in taking a declining group, Al Qaeda in Iraq, and nourishing Read more […]

A Reason why Germanwings Passengers Died: Government Security?

How national security policy might have contributed to the death of Germanwings passengers gives us a chance to re-think how we do national security. Since I have just written about “security regulations” at Heathrow Airport, perhaps it would be a good time to talk about what often happens when the state takes action to keep us safe. First a caveat: I haven’t found a history of French and German airline regulations, so I don’t know for sure when they put doors in their planes that Read more […]

Will the Republican Senate Allow Us to Learn the Truth about 9-11?

What reason can there be to hide the truth about 9-11? Only two years ago Bob Allen asked why the American public has not been permitted to know about those missing 28 pages in the report. So… our government acknowledges there were nations involved in the 9-11 attacks, but apparently the citizens of this nation are not allowed to see what our own, taxpayer-funded agencies and reports say. Does anyone else find this to be an outrage? What gives our government—our government—the right Read more […]

Our “Finest” Are Fine With Scamming Us: Decades-Long Disability Fraud

From CNBC: More than 100 people were rounded up and arrested Tuesday morning as part of a massive investigation into disability fraud in the New York City area, authorities said Tuesday. The alleged ringleaders, which included 83-year-old Raymond Lavallee, a former Nassau County assistant district attorney, and retired police officer John Minerva, surrendered to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, according to prosecutors. Approximately 80 additional police and firefighters, mostly from Read more […]

9-11 Fraud: Yes, If You Give Sick Free Money, More People Will “Get Sick”

I’m not against helping the poor or the sick, but we have got to admit that every time you add value to a class, more people will get into or stay in that class. If you want to help the needy you have to make sure that people aren’t faking a need or deliberately making themselves needy. Otherwise, you are robbing the genuinely needy of the help you claim you want to give them. So when you want to help people “injured” by the 9-11 attacks, especially when you include psychological “injuries” Read more […]

Million Muslim March On DC Scheduled For Sept. 11

The American Muslim Political Action Committee is alive and well and gaining great influence in American politics.  Currently, they are planning a march on Washington DC to complain about religious profiling and the way the US government has handled the investigation of the 9-11 attacks that took down the World Trade Center Towers and hit the Pentagon. The march on Washington was originally called the Million Muslim March, but in an effort to make it sound less radical, they have changed the Read more […]

Obama’s DHS To Allow Saudi’s With Knives To Bypass Airport Customs Checks

America will be comforted to hear that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security “Global Entry Program” will soon be adding the citizens of Saudi Arabia to the list of low risk “trusted travelers” no longer requiring U.S. Customs checks. Apparently, Janet Napolitano has no fear of history repeating itself, since she has now agreed to DHS travel protocol changes— accommodating official Saudi travel requests—designed to “reaffirm our commitment to more effectively secure our two countries Read more […]

The FBI’s Billion Dollar Facial Recognition Program

Although they don’t burn nearly as hot as they once did, the flames of fear, anger and patriotism are reignited once again eleven years after the catalyzing terrorist attack. One question comes to mind: “Are we safer now than we were 11 years ago?” We’ve fought and continue to fight very expensive wars overseas fighting our War on Terror. The wars in the Middle East (whether you support them or not) are costly in blood and money. Here at home, government agencies such as the DHS, FBI and Read more […]