Real Story of a Canceled Abortion Prosecution: Infanticide

Recently there has been a meme going around on social media praising the work of Gisella Perl as “the angel of Auschwitz.” She performed secret abortions on inmates because women who got pregnant would be horribly killed along with their babies. Perl reasoned that she was taking one life that would be killed anyway in order to save the mother and perhaps give her a future when she could have more children. But the most important thing you should realize is that defending Perl isn’t just Read more […]

New Strategy for Ending Babies: DIY Abortion at Home

The New York Times magazine has run a long story about the new strategy of DIY abortion at home. It features Rebecca Gomperts, a Dutch doctor, whose Women on the Web business is sending abortion drugs to women all around the world to evade local legal restrictions and lack of “access” to abortion. Gomperts is a general-practice physician and activist. She first assisted with an abortion 20 years ago on a trip to Guinea, just before she finished medical school in Amsterdam. Three years Read more […]

Obamacare & Conscience: Christians Now Facing Fundamental Challenge

It’s a small sin. Go ahead… no big deal. Go along to get along. Only a small pinch of incense. Just a few, harmless words: “Caesar is Lord.” Nope. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. The Daily Signal comments, “Obamacare Anti-Conscience Mandate: Court Says Being Complicit in Sin Isn’t a Sin.” …as First Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh writes: [T]he question isn’t whether a judge or jury agrees with a person’s claim that a law [that] requires him to engage in behavior is sinful—it Read more […]

Over-The-Counter Baby-“Punishment” Pardons For Girls & Sexual Molesters Of Any Age

For a mere $20 to $35 dollars, a young teen or an adult who plans to violate a young teen willingly or not is going to be able to make one embarrassing and inconvenient consequence of the encounter less likely to appear. Generic abortion drugs, to be taken within 72 hours after sex, are here. If anyone doesn’t understand my headline for this post, I’m merely using President’s Obama’s rhetoric from when he was running in 2008: I’ve got two daughters, 9 years old and 6 years old. I’m going Read more […]

Obamacare Pro-Abortion Mandate Now In Effect

Sandra Fluke complained that during the time spent as a law student, contraception could cost $3,000 or more, and that 40% of the female population at Georgetown University Law School suffered financial hardship because of the high cost of birth control, which the student insurance policy didn’t cover. Her testimony before Congress prompted Rush Limbaugh to make remarks about Fluke, saying that she was a “slut” and a “prostitute” and that she wanted the taxpayers to pay for her promiscuous lifestyle. Read more […]