Galveston Police Brutalize Wedding Party; Get Away With It

Normally, I would never post about a story this old. But I checked our sister websites and none of us wrote about it at the time. I don’t remember seeing anything about it when it happened (which seems impossible!). For some reason, ran the story over the weekend. Perhaps this April 1, 2014 story in the Houston Chronicle made it worth revisiting. Now, over five years later, the victims are still trying to get some justice. The story is simple: 1— Couple gets married Read more […]

Bill de Blasio’s Driving: Our Elites Expect Us To Cower & Comply While They Do As They Please

Bob Allen’s post on the dangers jaywalking in Austin, TX reminded me of this post I wrote about the danger of jaywalking in Bill de Blasio’s New York City. I sent it to Bob and he promptly showed me this story: “CBS 2 Exclusive: De Blasio’s Caravan Caught Speeding, Violating Traffic Laws.” As CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday, the mayor’s two-car caravan was seen speeding, blowing through stop signs, and violating other traffic laws. Kramer reported that if the driver of Read more […]

Unarmed Couple Executed On False Assumption; No Cops/Shooters Suspended More Than Ten Days

When Police tell you they were involved in a “full blown-out firefight” you would think that this referred to both them being shot at by the bad guys as well as shooting back. Not true. Business Insider reports: Cleveland officials are suspending 63 police officers for their roles in a November car chase that ended in the shooting deaths of an unarmed man and woman, The Plain Dealer reports. Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said the officers violated police protocol during the chase, Read more […]

USPS: We’re Immune From Traffic Laws

As the bankrupt U.S. Postal Service struggles to pay its bills, it gets slapped with $700 in traffic tickets including two school zone speeding tickets and 5 red light violations. Jennifer Bresling, the attorney representing the Postal Service, wrote a letter to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the Arizona-based company that enforces East Cleveland, Ohio’s camera citations and stated that the USPS is not subject to local and state regulations. They shouldn’t have to pay all these fines because Read more […]