ACLU Sues Catholic Hospitals to Force Them to Abort Babies

The government should force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions; that’s the ACLU version of civil liberties. We were given notice by the ACLU that, now that same-sex “marriage” supposedly exists and is a civil right, they didn’t believe in freedom of religion or freedom of conscience, anymore. In fact, they just don’t believe in freedom, period. According to CNS News, “ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital System for Refusing to Perform Abortions.” The American Civil Liberties Union Read more […]

ACLU Switches Sides on Religious Freedom because “Gay Marriage”

Religious freedom is no longer of value to the ACLU because they have a political war to wage against Christians. I saw this story over the weekend, when it first broke, but didn’t have time to write about it. I was gratified yesterday to see the Libertarian publication Reason put this headline on it: “The ACLU Now Opposes Religious Freedom Because Christians Need It.” And they added this tagline: “The Sometimes Civil Liberties Union.” I was relieved because Reason has an unhealthy Read more […]

Only Christians Can Discriminate; Others are Free

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission has ruled that homosexual bakers are free to refuse service; only Christians can discriminate according to the law. From Yahoo Politics: “Azucar Bakery did not discriminate by refusing to make anti-gay cakes: Colorado.” The American Civil Liberties Union stepped in to represent the gay couple after they filed a discrimination complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which concluded that Craig and Mullins had in fact suffered discrimination. Read more […]

The ACLU Attack on Religious Freedom Defies Logic

Because it is a group that can only survive by demanding ideological conformity of its members, the ACLU attack on Christian organizations is hypocritical. Carson Halloway is absolutely right: “The ACLU’s Hypocritical Defense of Laws That Violate Religious Liberty.” One of the great ironies of our politics is that the American Civil Liberties Union is now actually hostile to traditional American civil liberties. This is the conclusion one must draw from a letter the organization has sent Read more […]

Judge Rules: Affirm Homosexual Marriage or Be Impoverished

A florist who refuses to affirm homosexual marriage is not only forced to do so, but her personal wealth is made available to her enemies. Plundering a person is an ultimate power play. That is why our so-called “law enforcement” agencies do it so readily. Government is always looking to demonstrate its power over others. But when they want to really destroy someone they don’t only plunder that person themselves, they give that person over to be plundered by others. So that’s what Read more […]

ACLU Threats – Obstacles or Opportunities? Something to Think About

Dealing with ACLU threats has helped me think about how we should deal with opposition. Do you find yourself discouraged over the sheer volume of battles we face as progressives continue to interfere in so many areas of our personal and public lives?   Education, property rights, marriage…the list is long.  Many Tea Party and Liberty Groups are losing members who are weary of not seeing the changes they desire.   It’s just too hard, they say.  There are just too many obstacles Read more […]

Christianity in the Classroom?

We’re told by progressives and many public educators Christianity in the classroom is wrong–that God, specifically the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible, has no place in the classroom.  Not only, they say, is this a bad idea, but it’s actually breaking the law – a violation of students’ religious liberties.  Really? I was recently invited to teach a 12-week Constitution course using a room at a local public high school in Springboro, Ohio.  The class was open to the public – parents, Read more […]

The Left Officially Declares War on God

The meltdowns, lawlessness, and crises are coming so “fast and furious” now you can’t keep track of them all, which is why many of you probably missed a recent development that may actually be the biggest threat of them all to our constitutional republic. This week, the same people who booed God at the 2012 Democrat National Convention openly declared war on their own Maker. For instead of repenting of their attempted tyranny, the statist/Marxist Left’s response to last week’s Supreme Read more […]

Sometimes Leftists Can Help Us! The Police State is Here

Here’s one that will blow some people away: Bob Allen applauds the ACLU. Yep… sorry, I should have asked to make sure you were sitting down, and not driving when you read this one. My apologies. From the Guardian: “US police departments are increasingly militarised, finds report.” The American Civil Liberties Union has released the results of its new survey into the use of Swat teams by police forces across the country. It concludes that policing has become dangerously and unnecessarily Read more […]

The Nativity Versus Deifying Government

“I expect to see religious emblems at houses of worship, not in government buildings.” – Barry Lynn, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) This week a nativity scene on Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina became the latest casualty in the war on Christmas. The move follows a trend of systematically removing nativity displays (and other religious art) from public property.  Just ask residents in Santa Monica, Pittsburgh, Clarksville, Tennessee, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Chambersburg, Read more […]

School District Blackmailed by ACLU to Remove Portrait of Jesus

The Christian Post reports that “a school district in Ohio has reached a settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union to keep a portrait of Jesus Christ off school property and pay a $95,000 fine. Jackson City School District agreed to the settlement Friday in response to legal action being pushed by the ACLU and the Wisconsin-based group the Freedom From Religion Foundation.” School districts and municipalities are reluctant to fight the ACLU because if they lose, they’ll have to Read more […]

IRS Visited Dr. Ben Carson after Critical Comments about ObamaCare

You may remember Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson is a nationally recognized neurosurgeon. He spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year where he outlined a simple way to fund healthcare without the need of a 2700-page law and tens of thousands of pages of regulations that will be implemented by faceless and nameless bureaucrats and future death panels. President Obama and Mrs. Obama were in attendance, sitting only a few feet away from Dr. Ben Carson. Here’s what he said about our current Read more […]