Protecting Students through the Second Amendment

WKRC in Cincinnati reports: “School staff training for an active shooter.” Would you want teachers in your schools carrying guns? It’s one of the most controversial issues in the entire country. In Ohio, around 40 school districts now allow teachers with concealed carry licenses to carry their weapons in class. In upstate Ohio there is top level, extraordinary teacher training. The teachers and administrators train side by side with local law enforcement and paramedics at John Benner’s Tactical Read more […]

NPR On How Disarmed Sheep Should Respond To An Active Shooter

The most alarming thing said on this NPR story is that mass shootings or attempted mass shootings have tripled. But that just means we have gone from 5 a year in 2009 to 15 a hear more recently. That is too recent to prove a trend line. Furthermore, the odds of you getting involved in a mass shooting are still astronomically small. There is helpful encouragement in the story and interview (I’m especially referring to the audio), but the presentation also had a nightmarish surreal quality. The Read more […]