Japanese Family Values and Business Ethics

Our ally is setting precedents that show how family values mean something completely different from what we expect in the U.S. In a sense, this story shows how strange Japan is to Western values. But it also might show how they have traditionally been superior. In Japan, until this latest court case, a wife could sue a woman who had sex with her husband. The court recognized that the woman had harmed her in some way. This makes much more sense than no-fault divorce. But it also raises the question Read more […]

The Missouri House Speaker: Just another Sleazy Politician

To talk about a sleazy politician is almost always to be guilty of redundancy. What kind of person gets ambitious for public office? What kind of person wants to have that power so much that they are willing to invest themselves in winning the population contests required to acquire it? I don’t believe every politician is a worthless human being—but I think the vast majority are and the headlines substantiate that belief almost every day. In general, the Democrats have an easier Read more […]

Whatever Became of Adultery?

No one understands adultery because we live in a day when marriage has been reduced to a legal contract which is the least binding of all legal contracts. As this year, 2014, draws to a close let’s take time to reflect back on the past twelve months; its accomplishments and its challenges. For those of us who have run for office, there are some very powerful memories. As for me, one of those was the vitriolic response in the press to the idea I have taught for years, an idea held firmly Read more […]

Why Should Adultery Be Legal?

If the push for homosexual “marriage” means anything, it means that liberals, libertarians, and libertines of all sorts want marriage to remain (even if they don’t realize they are degrading it beyond recognition) a civil institution recognized by the law and by the government. So explain to me why everyone takes it for granted that adultery should be legal and that the only reason New Hampshire makes adultery a crime is due to their backward, antiquated tradition. I’m not saying that Read more […]

Childish Pretense That American Law Does Not Value Sexual Pleasure

The Washington Post gave space to Margo Kaplan, an assistant professor of law at Rutgers School of Law-Camden, so she could claim that “our courts and legislatures are still strangely squeamish about sexual pleasure, tending to treat it as a topic to be avoided or an immoral indulgence the state should prevent.” Cutting through her verbiage, Kaplan wants the courts and culture to recognize a right to sexual pleasure that will weigh against any law or proposed law that might restrict such pleasure. Read more […]

DC Most Homosexuals, Most Adulterers, Most Thieves: Is There a Connection?

I’ve always maintained that the reason people are increasing their support for same-sex sex and same-sex marriage is because it allows them to engage in what was once considered to be immoral sexual practices. “If it’s now determined that sticking your penis where the sun down shine is now morally acceptable behavior, then where does it matter where I stick it?” So it’s no wonder that the place where laws are made to stick it to us is the place where they are sticking to one another: “More Read more […]