Ads in Today’s “Patriarchy”: Men Are Buffoons, Women Are Brilliant

With commercials, as opposed to football, being the main focus of Super Bowl Sunday, I got to thinking about the state of commercials in today’s culture. But how many commercials have you seen in which a husband is portrayed as being smarter, wiser, or less clumsy than his oafish, doofy, klutzy wife? Yeah, it doesn’t happen. It kills me that radical feminists say we live in a male-dominant culture when the very drivers of our culture–the New York and Hollywood types–are all radical feminists. Read more […]

The All-American Entitlement Mentality

John Stossel’s newest article is a welcome addition to the conservative/libertarian arsenal. Entitled “Government Gone Bad,” Stossel makes the point that laws rarely improve life. In fact, he argues, it is a difficult task to convince the average voter that fewer laws are actually better. Most voters, Stossel says, are under the impression that when laws are being passed, government is “doing something.” And when government is doing “something,” they are fulfilling the civic duty for Read more […]

NASCAR’s Taxpayer-Supported Ads

This week, NASCAR and other professional sports have been making their cases for keeping public money rolling into their accounts. For years, the U.S. Military has been spending large sums, up to $100 million a year, to professional sports for advertising to aid in publicity and recruitment efforts. While the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball have benefitted from this money, NASCAR has apparently received the lion’s share. Georgia Republican Representative Jack Kingston, who is leading the charge, Read more […]