Affirmative Mortality

Affirmative Morality is the altering of the moral rule book.  It is a different set of rules for different players (often according to their race). If Barack Obama had a son I guess he would live in Ferguson, Missouri. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of the race-baiting and the double standard that is currently holding sway in America.  It is a sliding scale…grading on the curve is what we used to call it when I taught school. But for whatever reason the elites ruling Read more […]

Racists, Red Herrings & Rhetoric…Oh My!

Are you tired of being slapped with the label “racist” whenever you speak against  unconstitutional policies like affirmative action, amnesty for illegal aliens, or anyone who supports such efforts?  Who benefits from rhetorical games in matters of equality and law? Racist accusations such as these are the worst kind of red herrings. For any non-fishermen, an explanation is in order:  The red herring is probably the smelliest fish that God put on this beautiful earth.  For this reason, Read more […]

US Army: “Too Many Whites in Leadership Positions”

It’s getting harder and harder to support the US Army or any other branch of the military. That’s not a very establishment-conservative thing to say, but then again, the military is becoming less and less conservative. From U.S. Army sociologists are worried that a lack of black officers leading its combat troops will have detrimental effect on minorities and lead to fewer black officers in top leadership posts. What worries me is that this is considered worrisome. I Read more […]

Not Looking For The Best Value: The Quota World Of The TSA Bureaucracy

The TSA wants training for their “Inter-Modal Security and Training Exercise Program (I-Step).” I’m not sure what that all means, but I would expect the agency to put out a request for bids from all possible reputable security companies and award the contract to the lowest bidder. Nope. Despite the threats of sequestration and the need to control the budget, the TSA does not want all companies to apply. Some of them (many?) have been already disqualified from bidding. The TSA is looking Read more […]

As Long As Affirmative Action Remains, Racial Division Will Continue

Now that the racial demagoguery of President Obama’s second inaugural speech is over and we’ve confirmed for a second time that America is overall not an anti-black nation, it would be reasonable to assume that the focus on skin color and all talk thereof will be done away with, never to taint our political discussions anymore. But then we must be reminded that this is a land in which liberals are holding the reins of both government and media, and all those hopes that we’ll never again have to Read more […]