The Trouble with Foreign Aid to Developing Nations

It sounds good.  Stories of our financial support to developing nations make the US seem benevolent and good.  We send aid to a country, and the people are helped.  What could the harm be? The trouble with foreign aid to developing nations is that once the people receive the “free” money, they no longer have the motivation to find ways to earn money for themselves.  Their lack of earning then impacts the tax base which in turn makes it nearly impossible for governments to operate properly. Read more […]

More Liberal Bullying: Taylor Swift Sinned by Showing White People in Africa

Babies are being dismembered for parts but let’s be morally outraged at Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is white, if you haven’t noticed. Obviously, apart from some major makeup, she is going to portray herself as a white woman in her videos. (And if she attempted to appear African American, she would be guilty of “black face” mockery, so let’s be glad she doesn’t try that). So Taylor Swift chose to portray a predominately white culture in Africa. So what? Are people under the impression Read more […]

EPA: Too Many Black People Will Soon Be Cooking Food in Africa unless We Stop Them

The EPA is claiming that black people having children are a threat to the climate and our environment. Thanks go to Infowars because their video showed up in my Twitter feed and sent me looking for the story: The US environmental protection agency is going to spend $1.5 million of your tax payer dollars on a stove intervention in Africa. Suddenly the cooking method humans have been using for millennia is now an existential threat. Meanwhile, the President will be flying to the arctic to lecture Read more […]

Ann Coulter Is the Idiotic One

Dear Ann Coulter, You’ve unleashed countless clueless, heartless, pointless rants in your day, but this one very likely surpasses them all. You not only display an indescribable cruelty, but provide a textbook example of completely missing the point you’re allegedly trying to support. I could walk point-by-point through your disgusting disregard for suffering in the world, but… what difference, now, would it make? Yes, there are needs in America, and lots of people are addressing them as best Read more […]

John Kerry Thinks America Should Save the World from the Bible

In fairness to the Secretary of State, I’m sure he would hasten to add that he wants the United States to liberate the world from the Koran as well. Or maybe he wouldn’t. Not sure. As the Weekly Standard reported, Kerry is traveling through Africa and said the following in Ethiopia: This is a time here in Africa where there are a number of different cross-currents of modernity that are coming together to make things even more challenging. Some people believe that people ought to be able to Read more […]

Opposing CO2 Means Wanting Africans to Keep Dying in Poverty

Caleb Rossiter writes in the Wall Street Journal: I’ve spent my life on the foreign-policy left. I opposed the Vietnam War, U.S. intervention in Central America in the 1980s and our invasion of Iraq. I have headed a group trying to block U.S. arms and training for “friendly” dictators, and I have written books about how U.S. policy in the developing world is neocolonial. But I oppose my allies’ well-meaning campaign for “climate justice.” More than 230 organizations, including Africa Action and Read more […]

Maybe It’s Time to Move to Russia and Africa

With the Supreme Court’s insane decision on the homosexual issue (not yet legalizing homosexual American across America), maybe it’s time to look elsewhere to find a level or moral sanity. Homosexuality is contrary to nature, logic, and all moral reasoning. It’s the capstone of where we are as a nation. Humankind is god, and the courts are its priests, and woe to those who oppose the Inquisition. When Obama tried to push his homosexual agenda in Africa, he got a chilly response. Obama’s Read more […]

Kony Must Die For The Sins Of The US Government

The best way to get away with crimes is to punish them… in the people whom you select. Thus: “Congress has approved legislation that would expand the State Department’s rewards for justice program to target the world’s most serious human rights abusers, with African warlord Joseph Kony a top target… The rewards program gives the secretary of state the authority to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of anyone who plans, commits or attempts international terrorist Read more […]