When Do We Stop Fighting Each Other and Fight the Enemy?

African Americans and Tea Party Conservatives would both be better off to stop fighting each other and to help each other instead. Will there come a day when we realize we’re fighting a common foe? (Thanks to the Personal Liberty website for the cartoon.) The sad thing is that those represented on the left… feel the oppression is because the wrong people have power (funny, since all of the major uprisings and problems have been in Democratic strongholds, but… I digress), while those Read more […]

The African American Tea Party Convergence

The African American Tea Party cooperation has not started yet, but we really are moving toward it. The main reason I was so unhappy with Jon Stewart making another episode of police brutality into a race issue was that he was emphasizing divisions between people and thus diverting their attention away from their common interest in ending abuse by cops. I wrote that pointing to Garner’s race as the deciding factor or the most significant detail is just a claim, not a self-evident truth. Read more […]

African Americans Alone See No Gains in Employment

Under Obama, how is the recovery working out for African Americans? Not very well. Despite (much exaggerated) “good news” about employment, not even that rigged improvement has been able to touch that minority group. As CNS News reports, “Employment Situation Improves in October—Except for African Americans.” The employment situation in October improved in every way for most Americans, except for African Americans, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The Read more […]

Charles Barkley Should Have Included Whites in His Critique

What Charles Barkley said was not only non-racist, but much of it applied to Whites as well as Blacks. Here’s the report from the Alabama news site, Al.com: “’Unintelligent’ blacks ‘brainwashed’ to choose street cred over success: Charles Barkley.” Speaking on the radio show “Afternoons with Anthony Gargano and Rob Ellis,” Barkley was asked his opinion on Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson, who was the subject of an article detailing allegations he wasn’t “black enough.” Barkley Read more […]

Whites Are No Longer a Majority in Our Schools so We Can See the Coming Implosion of Liberalism

If Whites are no longer a majority in our schools, we are about to get a preview of the coming implosion of Liberalism. Headlines like this one are missing the point: “White Students to No Longer Be Majority at School.” For the first time, U.S. public schools are projected this fall to have more minority students than non-Hispanic whites, a shift largely fueled by growth in the number of Hispanic children. The changing demographics of American education are apparent inside Jane Cornell’s summer Read more […]

African Americans, Women, Especially Hurting Under The Obama Economy

It is funny how representation works. Both white and black liberals seem to see President Obama as the embodiment of the fortunes of the African-American community. Yet Barack Obama’s status as President does not automatically bring prosperity to people who look like him or share some of his ancestry. Today, in the midst of a really disappointing jobs report (that should have surprised no one), the White House attempted some spin. The Atlanta Daily News reports: The White House has released Read more […]

Lib Logic: “People of Color” = Good; “Colored People” = Outrageously Offensive

There is a rising trend among black people, particularly the “strong black woman” and beta-male types, to call themselves “people of color,” or POC, rather than “black.” It’s a show of power over white racism, a taking back of control of a word that was used pejoratively long ago by whites when referring to blacks. It’s a silly attempt at self-empowerment, like those people with poor self-image who seminars taught to look in the mirror every morning and say, “You are beautiful. You are better than Read more […]