The Battle is Not Over for Airbnb

The defeat of Proposition F in San Francisco is not the end of political struggles for Airbnb.  (See my earlier piece.)  According to the LA Times, the internet lodging rental service faces more attempts by municipalities across the country who want to impose more regulations on the $25 billion company. Here’s a part of the Times’ report: At a Wednesday press conference, a top Airbnb executive said the company plans to build on its success in the Bay Area, where it relied on a “people-to-people Read more […]

Airbnb Wins a Victory for All of Us

It feels like every time someone comes up with a way for the average Joe to make money from a good idea and to provide a needed service for the general public at a reasonable price, someone–either the existing business that wants a monopoly on the service or the government–does something to throw a wrench in the works. This was the case with Airbnb.  In San Francisco, a ballot initiative called Proposition F was the culprit.  Here is the beginning of a short description of the initiative found Read more […]

Federal Trade Commission Targets Ridesharing and AirBnB

The FTC targets ridesharing but makes it sound plausible by using rhetoric that could mean anything. With Uber offices being raided in Europe, the job of FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez is to make speeches that free the government to take action toward Uber, Airbnb, and others. Thus, the National Journal reports, “FTC Chief Calls for ‘Targeted’ Regulation of Uber, Airbnb.” What kind of targeting? The article explains, “Edith Ramirez is taking a cautious step to rein in ‘sharing economy’ apps.” Obviously, Read more […]

San Diego Plunders a Woman $25 Grand for Using AirBnB to Provide Lodging for Consumers

The city says she needed a permit for using AirBnB—which would have cost her $5,000 to $10,000 and taken up to a year to get. When Liberals get outraged because the Supreme Court allegedly said that corporations are people, think about their strategy. Liberals rarely (until they reach a later stage) want to admit that they want to plunder people, or punish them. And claiming to be “against” a corporation allows them to manufacture this diversion. Corporations are always these abstractions Read more […]

AirBnB Under Attack in Boston

Supposedly, AirBnB is a danger because it is “a completely unregulated industry.” We should pray for a day when all industries are unregulated. What Mark Horne wrote awhile back about Santa Monica’s attack on AirBnB applies pretty well to the recent news story about Boston. To understand how stupid and short-sighted Santa Monica is being, let’s think about three groups of people. First, there are people who need temporary residences and are willing to pay for those residences. These people Read more […]