Governor Cuomo “Astroturfs” to Give the Impression of Grassroots Support for Climate Change Issues

Governor Andrew Cuomo along with former Vice President Al Gore were on hand for a climate change event last week in which Governor Cuomo “astroturfed” the meeting to make it appear that there was vigorous grassroots support for it. The New York Post reported that: The workers said they left their jobs in the middle of the day Thursday and were paid their full salaries to hear Cuomo at Columbia University announce the state was joining a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “I’d Read more […]

The Only True God

Do you remember the apocalyptic scenario Al Gore was peddling seven years ago?  He claimed human activity was the cause of global warming and that the polar icecap was melting, which would cause a catastrophic rise in sea level, devastating coastal regions where the majority of the world’s population resides. As he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his global warming campaign, he said, “The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff. It could be completely gone in summer in as little as Read more […]

Al Gore’s Disappearing Ice Cap Thicker and Bigger

For years we have heard about Al Gore’s disappearing ice cap. Can we please put him out to pasture now, never to be heard from again? Yeah, global warming is settled, alright. A settled fraud, designed only to make politicians more powerful, and their crony business friends richer. Here is the Daily Mail headline: “Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago…despite Al Gore’s prediction Read more […]

Al Gore Attacks Australian Government for Not Saving Civilization

One of the gravest threats to freedom on earth: Al Gore. We cannot have any impact on the “climate change” which authentically exists. Virtually all of their predictions, based on bogus and fantasy-based computer models have proved abysmally wrong, but that won’t stop men whose wealth and chance to grab tyrannical power depends on continuing to foment hysteria. From BBC: “Al Gore: climate change is the ‘biggest crisis our civilisation faces.’” Climate change is “the biggest crisis Read more […]

American Fertility Still Declining

It seems like about every six months a report comes out about how fertility rates in the United States are still quite low. The Pope has even taken to preaching against the use of house pets as substitutes for having children. Well, it is that time again. Aljazeera, the network that bought out Al Gore’s old media company is reporting on the bad news. (I have to wonder if the old network would have reported this as good news.) For the second year in a row, deaths of non-Hispanic whites outnumbered Read more […]

Al Gore Attacks People Who Exhale as Despicable

From the Heritage Foundation blog: Al Gore was “fired up” at the University of Hawaii in sharing his message on climate change, according to a local TV news report of a speech in which the former vice president bashed unnamed “carbon polluters” as being ”immoral, unethical, and despicable.” Gore, wearing a bright lei around his neck, proved a pumped-up keynote speaker at a “sustainability conference” held Tuesday at the Manoa campus. A report by KITV News includes video of Read more […]

Al Gore: Global Warming Junk Science Pusher

Notice: Five years ago, Al Gore said Polar ice would likely be gone by this year. Complete video at:… Former Vice President Al Gore references computer modeling to suggest that the north polar ice cap may lose virtually all of its ice within the next seven years. “Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven Read more […]

Global Warming: Don’t Be Alarmed

From the New York Post, “Global-warming ‘proof’ is evaporating.” The 2013 hurricane season just ended as one of the five quietest years since 1960. But don’t expect anyone who pointed to last year’s hurricanes as “proof” of the need to act against global warming to apologize; the warmists don’t work that way. Warmist claims of a severe increase in hurricane activity go back to 2005 and Hurricane Katrina. The cover of Al Gore’s 2009 book, “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Read more […]

Al Gore: Global Warming May End Civilization As We Know It

As we’ve been reporting in the recent past, global warming just hasn’t progressed the way the priests of the church of climatology had hoped. No one is able to explain the blaring 15-year hiatus in warming that’s coincided with allegedly record CO2 emissions. How did that happen? I thought CO2 emissions are what has been causing the earth to warm up at the alarming rate of less than 1 degree Fahrenheit over the past century. They can offer their speculations, but that’s about it. Maybe Read more […]

Global Warming: 250,000 Alpacas Freeze to Death

Al Gore is still insisting that we’re all going to die because of “Global Warming.” Hollywood film makers have propagandized us with a series of disaster films and documentaries based on the unsupported claim that “Global Warming” is a man-made phenomenon that will inevitably cook us all to death: “Despite a few years removed from the national zeitgeist, there is one place where climate change has remained front and center — movie theaters. “Whether documentary or fictionalized, Read more […]

Al Gore’s Global Warming Mega-Church

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh once again spoke of the hoax that is global warming. It’s in the news again, don’t ya know. As Rush stated, how otherwise brilliant people can just buy into the lie is fascinating. It just shows that it is indeed not science but a religion and for others; it’s the politics of money, power, and control. The evidence so clearly shows there is no warming and hasn’t been for over 15 years. Recall the published e-mails of climate “scientists” falsifying and deleting data Read more […]

Joe Biden: Obama’s Presidential Insurance Policy

On Wednesday a Gallup Poll reported that President Obama’s approval rating was at a 9-month low — 45%. Why the popularity needle has not yet hit zero is certainly a question worth asking but on Tuesday evening Joe Biden demonstrated, yet again, why Obama’s numbers are a moot point. Biden might be as bad as what is already in place. Joe Biden, effusively praising then-Senator Obama and Democrat presidential candidate for being “clean and articulate,” was selected as his vice presidential Read more […]