Al Sharpton, White House Tool

Sharpton was one of several clergymen to offer themselves and their church titles as part of the White House tool kit. The Weekly Standard ran an interesting story about who gets a place on Barack Obama’s guest list: “Al Sharpton Gets Meeting With President.” Al Sharpton met with the president of the United States yesterday. “President Obama met with African American civil rights and faith leaders to provide an update on the Administration’s priorities as described in the State Read more […]

Do Black Lives Really Matter to Black Leadership?

Activism is driven by money, not black lives. I hope this makes all the race-baiters squeal.  They can save their ink and they can save their time; I will not apologize for speaking the truth.  Someone needs to expose the frauds. For most of my life I bought into the white-guilt that the media so diligently worked to shove down my throat.  Most white-Americans are still programmed to feel guilty for the way that blacks have been treated as if we are each individually responsible for Read more […]

Al Sharpton Should be Arrested in Ferguson!

With a mind impervious to facts, and a heart unaffected by truth, Al Sharpton is reportedly on his way to Ferguson. If I were an official there, I’d have someone ready to arrest him for further inciting riots, the moment he blathers another mindless word about a lack of justice in the Michael Brown case. From “Al Sharpton: ‘An absolute blow’” The Rev. Al Sharpton says the grand jury decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson is “an absolute blow” and added that Read more […]

The Tainted Testimony the Media Gave Us on Ferguson

When the media can only get stories from the witnesses who are not intimidated, the result is tainted testimony. Here’s the Independent Journal Review quoting The Washington Post: Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown fought for control of the officer’s gun, and Wilson fatally shot the unarmed teenager after he moved toward the officer as they faced off in the street, according to interviews, news accounts and the full report of the St. Louis County autopsy of Brown’s Read more […]

Was the Michael Brown Shooting Justified? What If It Was?

A former police chief speaks on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. St. Louis needs to brace for impact. Police have done themselves no favors by heavy-handed and unnecessary tactics in so many instances, but you still have to let the evidence speak in each individual case, and never render final judgment until all of the facts are on the table. But, according to this local CBS story, it looks like those facts are going to go in a different direction than many protestors expected. Information Read more […]

Jaylen Bledsoe: It’s Not all about Black on White Crime

Turn on your computer. Bring up your Internet home page or get a newspaper and take a look. Somewhere on your homepage or in the paper you are likely to see, “Black teen(s) shoot/beat… fill in the blank.” I’m don’t know if it’s happening more often, but it sure is making headlines. We’ve all seen them. Three black teens shoot a visiting Australian that was just out for a jog. Why did they do it? Because they were bored. Black teens beat to death and 88-year-old Second World War veteran Read more […]

The Purposed Racial Division in America

Since President Obama’s been president, racial division has escalated. That racial division has come from the president himself and a number of prominent racialists who are always leading the way in keeping racial divisions alive. If racial divisions evaporate, so do political advantages. A similar thing is going on in the Middle East. What unifies the Muslim world is a common hatred for Israel. Peace with Israel would mean Islam would have to deal with its inherent problems. Trayvon Martin Read more […]

On Voter ID, Sharpton Can’t Comprehend His Own Argument

One would be hard-pressed to think of a more ignorant and borderline mentally disabled character than Al Sharpton. It’s bad enough that he talks as if he had been dealt a severe hammer-blow to the head in the days of his early infancy, but on top of that, the man’s ability to formulate a thought rivals that of beauty-pageant contestants. (Speaking of which, maybe Miss Utah is correct: maybe we do “need to try to figure out how to create education better.”) Monday, the Supreme Court struck Read more […]

Al Sharpton: Gosnell Is Product Of Pro-Life Movement

Liberals in the media have to condemn Gosnell. Even though what Gosnell did was really no different than what any other abortionist does on a regular, basis, they knew that they couldn’t defend him. The details of the case were too horrific for anyone to publicly defend. So, people like Pelosi called his actions “disgusting.” And Al Sharpton said that justice had been delivered to Gosnell when the jury found him guilty of murder. But he didn’t focus so much on the fact that Gosnell Read more […]

Will Liberals Attack Al Sharpton for His Anti-Abortion Comment?

Students at Johns Hopkins University accused students who oppose abortion to be white supremacists. This was an odd accusation since “[a]ccording to 2010 census data, African Americans make up 12.6% of the U.S. population but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that black women accounted for 35.4% of all abortions in 2009.” These highly educated students need to check out this site for a dose of empirical reality. I wonder what these Johns Hopkins University pro-abortionists think Read more […]

Is Jesse Jackson Sr. On Drugs During CNN Interview?

Unfortunately, I’ve heard Jesse Jackson speak on way too many occasions over the years.  Most of his ramblings and accusations of racial hatred were espoused in a clear sharp voice.  In fact, I often wish his words were so slurred and jumbled that no one could understand what he was saying. I heard Jackson in Phoenix years ago accusing a store manager for stopping a shoplifter.  The thief resisted arrest and fought back against the manager and a security guard.  They did their best to subdue Read more […]

Black Principal Promotes Tutoring for Colored Only Students

Andre Pearson is the principal of Mission Viejo Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.  In an effort to help students struggling with various subjects, he started an after school tutoring program.  Like any good principal, Pearson sent a letter home to parents to inform them of the new tutoring program. Unlike most principals, Pearson’s letter contained a bold statement of racial discrimination, only this time it discriminated against white students.  On the first line of the letter, it stated Read more […]