Medical Marijuana is Protected from the Department of Justice

The fight over legalizing marijuana has been long.  From the early days, marijuana used for medical treatment has been considered differently than that which is used recreationally.  As early as 1996, California approved marijuana for medical use, and, today there are 16 states total that have legalized the drug for medical use.  And now, nearly 20 years later, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington have some sort of legalized marijuana for recreational use as well. On Monday, October 19, Read more […]

Greenpeace Attacks Barack Obama for Allowing Arctic Drilling

The president of Greenpeace calls Obama “deeply hypocritical” for letting Shell do Arctic drilling while touring Alaska to oppose global warming. You notice how the media can pump up a minority position by simply treating them as if they are worth paying attention to. The seventh Planned Parenthood video has been released and many still don’t know anything about it. Greenpeace grumbles and it makes headlines. Politico gives us a clever headline: “Greens decry Obama’s Shell game.” See Read more […]

Alaska Governor Follows Obama’s Example: Uses Pen to Make Policy

The Alaska Governor unilaterally expands Medicaid after the legislature wouldn’t do it. Barack Obama famously (or infamously) said that, if Congress refused to do his will, he had a pen and phone and would act without them. Now we find the Alaska governor is following the President’s example. The headline at makes the issue clear: “What Legislature? Alaska Gov Expands Medicaid Solo.” Alaska’s legislature didn’t move to expand Medicaid, so Gov. Bill Walker is doing it on Read more […]

White House Won’t Reveal 2015 Obamacare Rates Until After Elections

Most transparent Administration in history won’t let reveal 2015 Obamacare rates until after voting in November. Just how bad will the health insurance rates get in 2015? So bad that the Obama Administration is not going to tell you until November 15. The Washington Times reports, “Obamacare website won’t reveal insurance costs for 2015 until after election.” Enrollment on the website begins Nov. 15, or 11 days after the midterm vote, and critics who Read more […]

EPA Grows Astroturf to Support Pre-Ordained Agenda

The Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to scientifically evaluate data and come to conclusions on the basis of that data. Instead, they have delayed investigations in order to arrange for coached activists to force decisions that the EPA has already endorsed for political or ideological reasons. The Washington Times reports, Charged with being neutral arbiters, EPA officials instead began advocating for a preemptive veto of the Pebble Mine project in western Alaska as early as 2008, Read more […]

NPR Obamacare Success Story (Part One): It Isn’t One

Yesterday, NPR’s Morning Edition ran “a success story” about Obamacare: “Persistance Pays Off For Uninsured Alaskan.” It features Lara Imler, hair stylest and ex-accountant. At the very end you are quickly informed that “success” story doesn’t include a verified success: Imler is still waiting for enrollment confirmation from her new insurance company. She’s optimistic that will come soon. If it doesn’t, she’ll start all over with So she has no idea if the insurance Read more […]