City Recruits the Homeless as Paid Workers

I never thought I’d see a Huffington Post article cite The Blaze about social policy. But it does so in this piece about Albuquerque: “Instead Of Arresting Panhandlers, Albuquerque’s Giving Them Jobs.” After a series of incidents of police brutality, which included the fatal shooting of a schizophrenic homeless man this year, advocates and the Justice Department demanded that the Albuquerque Police Department overhaul its approach to how it treats homeless people and people with mental illness, Read more […]

Albuquerque Continues to Plunder Residents Despite State Law

When New Mexico banned asset forfeiture, we heard the police moaning about they wouldn’t be able to function unless they could plunder people without convicting them of any crime. Now, Albuquerque has created a fake loophole. The Washington Examiner reports: New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a Republican, signed a historic reform of civil forfeiture in her state earlier this year. The reform law cracked down on the much-abused practice by, among other things, requiring that defendants be convicted Read more […]

Police Ask Wrong Question About Murderous Teens

Let me give you three truths: Everyone who wants to do something wrong comes up with a grievance that, in his own mind, justifies his evil deeds. The most common generic grievance is that someone in society has failed you. If society fails you, that doesn’t give you an excuse to fail society. One of the most important ways society can fail you and many others is to not hold you responsible for your behavior. I thought of this while reading about three teens who smashed a couple of homeless Read more […]