Uber Is Our Designated Driver Unless Government Stops It

The government promotes using a designated driver, but politicians are warring against one that is actually reducing drunk driving. You have heard the advice: Have a designated driver. If you are going to be at a party or some other place that you will have to leave from, have a designated driver who won’t drink and will drive you home. But arranging a designated driver is not always easy. In the first place, many people don’t intend to drink too much and then realize that they are not Read more […]

What Alcohol Taxes Show Us about Taxation

There is bipartisan agreement about alcohol taxes. That means there should be agreement about all taxes. I think the Newser.com headline is supposed to be humorous: “New Bipartisan Cause: Cheaper Tequila.” But the news is good for more than a laugh. It shows us that everyone knows that conservatives are right about taxes and the damage they do. Consider how the Hill reports it: “House bill would make vodka, whiskey and rum cheaper.” House Republican Todd Young (Ind.) has introduced Read more […]

Pennsylvania Alcohol Revenue Regime Grabs Wine Collection

The Keystone State’s alcohol revenue regime means that couples can be robbed for building and sharing a wine collection. Prohibition is alive and well. At Reason.com, Baylen Linnekin writes about the seizure of an $160,000 wine collection from a married couple: Earlier this year, after a months-long undercover investigation, Pennsylvania state police agents served a warrant on the home of Arthur Goldman, an attorney, and his wife, Melissa Kurtzman. The police, who had made undercover Read more […]

Educating Teens About Preventing Pregnancy by Promoting Drunken One-Night Stands?

We know by now what kind of self-destructive and anti-social behavior our government is promoting in the name of Obamacare. It is also going on through our “nonprofit sector” (i.e. that loose coalition of ruling class supporters that provide help to government as well as advocacy for government action—often with access to some government money). For example, “Some birth control methods mix better with booze. As in, you don’t have to think in the heat of the moment. Are you ready to party?” Read more […]