Colorado Introduces State Drugging of the Poor without Even Trying

When Colorado legalized marijuana, the idea was to give people freedom and let them make their own choices. But sometimes rhetoric and reality are two different things. The problem is that we are not a free country; we are a welfare state. We live in a society where people are not free, but rather obligated to pay for other people’s lives. In that context, it is pretty obvious that legalizing marijuana could easily lead to the same outcome. Thus, the National Review reports, For the past Read more […]

Stop The Soma! The Kids Don’t Have ADHD; North America Has Societal Domestication Syndrome

It is ironic that, right after I post on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, I find out that now we claim that more than one in ten children has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. What a windfall for our “soma” manufacturers, Big Pharma! STOP IT! JUST STOP IT! Yes, that was me shouting. Before I write anything else, I want to tell every parent out there that I am writing about a broad trend in society. I am not writing about your specific child. I don’t know him or her and I Read more […]