People Want to Fix Global Warming as Long as It’s Free

There is a difference what you learn from a poll or survey and what you learn by offering something for sale. Politicians often say they will give the people what they want–as measured by a poll. But often they are only measuring what people want for free. Even if the survey contains some questions about what people would be willing to pay for something, all you get is a speculative guess. In the market, however, you learn not only what people want but how much they want it relative to all their Read more […]

Green Energy Still Far Off

The official version of reality is that we are running out of what we know as fossil fuels. So gas and coal are going to become more expensive so that it becomes worthwhile to get our energy from other sources, like wind and solar. So all one needs to do is stop investing in oil and start investing in alternative energy. In the case of automobiles, it is time to ramp up production electric cars or at least hybrids because someday gas will be unaffordable. There is, however, a problem with this Read more […]

One Cheer For Team Obama: EPA Wants To Back Down On Ethanol

From the Washington Times: In a move likely to anger corn farmers and their congressional representatives, the Obama administration Friday proposed the first-ever cut in the amount of corn-based ethanol and other biofuels that must be mixed into the nation’s gasoline, with the Environmental Protection Agency concluding that the mandate set by Congress just six years ago is proving difficult and perhaps impossible for gas producers to meet. The move could spark a fight from corn growers and those Read more […]