Bob Schieffer: Our Job Is to Tell You What to Think

Bob Schieffer is retiring from CBS News but he’s continuing his career in arrogance. I don’t despise Bob Schieffer especially. And even though I haven’t watched a news show in many years I found parts of this video somewhat endearing. But the stuff he said in response to a question at about the 4:32 mark is rather incredible. It isn’t only notable that Bob Schieffer expressed such opinions but that CBS DC headlined them and quoted them to make sure we didn’t miss them: “Bob Read more […]

Buyer Beware: Do Research before Believing the Media

Believing the media is a risky endeavor, even if the source shares your values. Many of the juiciest stories we hear—even from allegedly reputable media sources—fall apart when one undertakes a cursory amount of primary research. Earlier I had around ten Internet tabs open, preparing to write a substantive piece, but my digging uncovered that the original “news” broadcast I heard was incorrect—the “facts” spoken with total assurance turned out to be completely bogus. I’ve been in Read more […]