Benghazi Exposed (Again)–This Time by Allen West

Once again, a testimony similar to what my own research revealed in the fall of 2012—within a month or so of the attack, murders, and absent rescue. I say that with not a hint of pride, but absolute disgust. If I, sitting at a computer in Tennessee could rightly determine what happened, then it’s for darn sure a Congressman or Senator—with paid staff and access to additional information—could have figured it out IF they truly had a passion for the truth, a concern for our nation, and compassion Read more […]

Why did Obama want the consulate attacked?

Notice that I don’t ask, “Why did Obama want the Ambassador to die?” I don’t think we can assume that. I haven’t heard any story that posits animosity between Ambassador Stephens and the White House. So let’s assume that Stephens’ death was not an objective of the White House. Let’s also go with the story, for now, that Obama is more responsible for what happened than Clinton. With that supposition, what do we have left? Yesterday, Fox News broke the story that CIA in Benghazi Read more […]