Obama, Snowden, and the “Rule of Law”

Vladimir Putin, that guy who reminds our generation what Russian leaders were like before the dismantling of the Berlin wall, has done it again. I honestly admire him in some ways. Fool-hardy and brash maybe, but the man at least has guts … unlike some people in this hemisphere whose names need not be mentioned. The latest confrontation is still brewing between Washington and Putin over the extradition of Edward Snowden. Apparently Snowden is still in Russia and is being treated like an international Read more […]

China Hints at the End of American Hegemony

In a recent meeting between the leaders of France and China, China’s president Xi Jinping said that both countries should “actively promote a multipolar world and the democratization of international relations.” In case you’re not up on your diplomatic jargon, that means, “We should actively promote the weakening of America’s influence and power so that other nations, like China for instance, can have a say in the direction of international politics.” A sea change of the distribution Read more […]