Kim Davis and Curing the Soul of Man

Kim Davis, the clerk who stood against the sodomite mafia in black robes, is now free from prison. She will be back at work and the battle will be engaged once again. We should pray for the Sheriff of that county, that he would do his oath-sworn duty before God and interpose on behalf of Kim Davis, not allowing her illegal arrest and imprisonment again. We should pray that he understands that he owes no obedience to unlawful orders from the sodomite mafia. Last week we explored the roots of Read more […]

Kim Davis and Care for the Soul

It has happened. In Kentucky on Thursday last week federal Judge David Bunning ordered the Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis jailed for refusing to issue a marriage license to sodomites. When the news was heard outside the courthouse, the crowd burst into a chant of “Love won! Love won!” Think of the implications of that. The supporters of sodomite-unmarriage cheered the jailing of Kim Davis claiming, “Love won.” The persecution of Christians is relabeled as a victory of Love. It reminded me Read more […]

American Psychological Association is Cuckoo for Gay Gay Puffs

At one time, homosexuality was considered to be a form of mental illness by the nation’s psychologists.  As more and more gays and lesbians began to come out of the closet and into the open, psychologists no longer looked at it as being a mental illness.  In fact, they no longer saw it as being wrong in any fashion. For the past couple of decades, psychologists have been trying to convince everyone that homosexuality is perfectly normal and that we should all accept gays with open arms.  Read more […]