Amnesty: Voter Fraud and Fast Citizenship

Barack Obama’s executive amnesty enables voter fraud and fast citizenship. Back in December I wrote about how amnesty was done in order to help out unions. But I dismissed a much worse scenario: Why use an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens? The most obvious answer is voting. By harvesting millions of illegal aliens the Democratic party ultimately hopes to basically de-value the stock held by the current American population. In essence, each legal voter is a Read more […]

Big Gov Republicans Have No Way to Fight Obama

You can’t fight Obama with the power of the purse if you are addicted to spending. The power of Congress is the power of the budget. Congress has the unique authority to decide spending. The problem is that Congress is just as addicted to spending as Barack Obama is. They will never ever cut a program. Nothing of any significance will ever be defunded. Because the President knows that Congress is addicted to spending, he knows he will never lose a game of “chicken” with them over Read more […]

The Man with the Pen and Phone “weighs in on deflate-a-bowl”

Are a pen and phone more important than the Constitution? I know many of you still recall the deflated New England Patriots footballs and how important that is to patriotism. When Barack Obama was asked if it was cheating, the president said, “If you break the rules then you break the rules.” Apparently our current Executive Branch and concurring Congress take this same mentality. Congress are the ones who write the check to underwrite executive policies. And what exactly are Read more […]

Illegal Immigration Shadow System Has Operated since 2009

Long before President Obama’s executive order a shadow system was set up to give illegal immigrants work visas. We all remember in November of last year that President Obama issued an executive order granting status to millions of illegal immigrants. But recent information raises the question of why he bothered. According to the executive branch had been granting amnesty long before then: “Report: 5.5 Million Additional Work Permits Issued Since 2009 in ‘Shadow’ Authorization Read more […]

The Political Payoff for Amnesty: Union Recruitment

New story about union strategy reveals the political payoff for amnesty. Why use an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens? The most obvious answer is voting. By harvesting millions of illegal aliens the Democratic party ultimately hopes to basically de-value the stock held by the current American population. In essence, each legal voter is a kind of “stock holder” who has a say in who becomes the CEO of the United States. The Democratic hope is to issue new stock Read more […]

Is Obama Pulling an Amnesty Bait and Switch?

A funny thing happened on the way to Obama signing his executive order giving amnesty to 5 million plus illegal aliens. He didn’t sign it. The National Archives have confirmed that while Obama signed two executive orders in Las Vegas the day after his national amnesty announcement, neither of them was an executive order fulfilling his amnesty program. In fact, the only document dealing with implementation of the amnesty program Obama outlined is actually a memo from Department of Homeland Read more […]

Obama: Only Native Americans Can Object to Amnesty

It should come as no shock and even less surprise that President Obama would choose Thanksgiving to once again display his utter contempt for America. In a speech in Chicago on Wednesday, Obama defended his royal decree of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, basically by reciting a bit of Howard Zinn distorted history and telling his critics to shut up. “If you look at the history of immigration in this country, each successive wave there have been periods where the folks who were already Read more […]

Obamacare and Amnesty Create Incentive to Prefer Foreigners

Both Obamacare and Amnesty created by executive fiat are bad. Together they are worse. Take that, America! Looking for work? The President just made sure an illegal immigrant has a huge advantage over you when it comes to getting that job. Thus, the Washington Times headline: “Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers.” Under the president’s new amnesty, businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants over Read more […]

Barack Obama and the Bible on Immigration

President Obama and the Bible seem to have a relationship of convenience. I hear the President consulted and quoted from the Bible in making his royal fiat Thursday night. Associated Press reported: President Barack Obama appealed to the Good Book on Thursday evening when he addressed the nation regarding his executive order on immigration amnesty. During his speech, Obama alluded to the Old Testament law that mandated that the Ancient nation of Israel look after the foreigners among them. “Scripture Read more […]

The Republican Pretense against Obama Amnesty

Taking a stand against Barack Obama’s executive order is a Republican pretense. We’ve mentioned several times on this blog the need for Congress to do something about the President’s lawlessness. One option would be to impeach him. But in light of Barack Obama’s executive order (which has not yet been delivered at the time that I am writing this post on my laptop), it is important to remember there is another way that Congress can struggle against the President. They could defund Read more […]

Barack Obama Executive Amnesty May Alienate Liberal Base

In Oregon the Liberal base opposed driver license amnesty. I’ve already mentioned recently that there is big money behind the push for Barack Obama to use an unconstitutional executive order to nullify Congressional legislation and give amnesty to illegal immigrants. But what about the Liberal base? The assumption has been made that the Democrat rank-and-file are completely behind the President’s promise to give amnesty to illegal aliens. But what about Oregon? The Associated Read more […]

Big Money Pushing Barack Obama on Amnesty

“Comprehensive immigration reform” is a goal of Big Money behind both parties. I’ve already posted several times about how the Chamber of Commerce and other Big Money organizations are pressuring Republicans to declare amnesty. The same kind of Big Money is also behind the Democrat’s campaign. Now we have this from the New York Times, “The Big Money Behind the Push for an Immigration Overhaul.” When President Obama announces major changes to the nation’s immigration enforcement Read more […]