New York Times V. Truth, Reason, and Nail Salons

When the New York Times wrote an attack on the nail salon industry, Mark Horne pointed out that the article was so biased as to be worthless. But I missed the story about’s counterattack and the New York Time’s less-than-adequate response. If you have time, make sure you watch the video above. The New York Times’ falsehood unleashed self-righteous indignation of Governor Anthony Cuomo and his army of “inspectors” (like customers and workers can’t inspect a business for themselves Read more […]

Irony: Cuomo Orders Ads Removed because Fascism is Offensive

The Governor of New York state, Andrew Cuomo, ordered the removal of paid advertisements that had already been approved by the lawful governing body. The ad campaign was sponsored by no less an establishment business than Amazon, and it took place in the New York subway system. How does a governor get the authority to ban advertising is one city in the state? Yet The Associated Press reports without comment, “Officials confirmed Wednesday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered them removed.” That seems Read more […]

Our Ruling Class Believes Rights Come from Man

CNN’s Chris Cuomo insists that our rights come from man, not God; the Declaration of Independence means nothing. Howard Dean calls Scott Walker “uneducated” because he didn’t complete college, and allegedly doesn’t believe in macroevolution. Yet Chris Cuomo has degrees from Yale and Fordham that left him absolutely clueless about American law and governance; his diplomas are worth as much as ideological toilet paper. Curis Kalin writes at CNS News, “CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Read more […]

If You Need Proof Obama Is a Control Freak…

Barack Obama often seems disengaged, so why is he acting like a control freak over state Ebola quarantines. While I think the President’s agenda often reveal him to be a control freak, I don’t see it often in his personal behavior as chief executive. He seems to care more about golf than many issues that seem important to others. So what is going on that the President is actively opposing things that are not his business and should not be his concern? Consider this New York Times Read more […]

Andrew Cuomo Wants NY to Have Its Own Export-Import Bank

As Congress seems about to end the Export-Import Bank, Governor Cuomo wants NY Taxpayers to Fund Corporate Welfare. In one of the rare triumphs of reason over corruption in the Federal government, it looks as if a government office of crony corruption might finally be put down. Left and Right agree that the Export-Import Bank needs to end. But a group of politicos are horrified by the end of the taxpayer-finance corporate welfare. One of them is Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. According Read more […]

New Pope Should be Loved Because Liberals Hate Him

It didn’t take long to figure out what type of new Pope was selected by the conclave of Cardinals. All you had to do was read what liberals were saying about him. They were hoping in the Obama style of “hope and change” that the new Pope would be like them – pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, and anti-traditional. Well, they were wrong, and I love it. Pope Francis I “is an ardent opponent of same-sex marriage . . . In 2010, he wrote, “Let’s not be naïve, we’re not talking Read more […]

Public Schools Used to Have Rifle Teams — Even New York

I graduated from high school in 1968. There were some problem students. I do remember a student who robbed a bank during lunch and hid the money in his locker, but that was the rare exception. It was big news at the time because it was so out of the ordinary. There were fights and petty thievery. The perpetrators were dealt with swiftly by the administration without having to worry that their parents would hire a lawyer and sue the school. My wife grew up in a small town in the northwestern part Read more […]

New York Governor Pushes Late Term Abortion “For The Children”

One way liberals try to protect the children is by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, or at least placing restrictions on magazines and gun purchases. Another way they protect children is by giving women the right to murder their unborn child, thus protecting that child from a potential life of hardship in this cruel world filled with gun violence. Since New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has been successful at passing more stringent gun laws to protect the kids, he’s now pushing the Read more […]

Andrew Cuomo Should be Excommunicated

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s a practicing Catholic. He attends church with his live-in girlfriend, supports abortion on demand, and pushed for the legalization of homosexual marriage. Gov. Cuomo’s latest directive is to make abortion on demand even easier to obtain in the Empire State by enacting the Reproductive Health Act that he says will “protect a woman’s freedom of choice. . . . Because it’s her body, it’s her choice.” The governor and his legislative lemmings just passed Read more […]

New York’s New Gun Laws Are a Cosmic Joke and the Criminals are Laughing

I listened to Andrew Cuomo speak on the gun laws the state of New York just passed. He sounded like a Pentecostal preacher. The cheers from the crowd reminded me of a revival meeting. For liberals, more laws are their salvation. They believe that more laws make us safer and more secure. Law books are their Bible. The building that houses the legislature is their church. What is often lost on liberals is that the intent of the heart and the machinations of the mind are where evil is hatched. It Read more […]

What’s the Difference between Planned Parenthood and Mass Killers?

I just wrote my quarterly tax check to the IRS. Then I read that Planned Parenthood’s total assets are more than $1.244 billion, part of which is some of my and your confiscated tax money. Planned Parenthood is subsidized to the tune of $524 million. That subsidy comes from us! Who do you think paid for the Hydrogen Cyanide (Zyclon B) gas that was used in Nazi ‘work camps’ during World War II to kill Jews and other ‘undesirables’? (The Nazis were into euphemisms just like Planned Parenthood. Read more […]

The Most Politically Protected President in History

Our United Nations Ambassador is a “blameless target” for Benghazi. The president urges other political representatives to “take (him) on” instead of Susan Rice, the current United States Ambassador to the United Nations. The president, according to a sycophantic Governor Andrew Cuomo, has “fixed” the havoc wrought by hurricane Sandy. The president declares November 15th America Recycles Day. The president renews his attacks on “the rich,” continuing to blame George Bush and ignoring Read more […]