Merkel Talks Tough but Still Affirms “Right to Asylum”

Reuters is claiming that Angela Merkel is changing her stance on immigration. Here’s an excerpt: Merkel’s remarks on Saturday were in stark contrast to her earlier optimism about the influx to Germany, which has taken in far more migrants than any other European country. Her “we can do it” slogan irritated many Germans, uneasy about the mass arrival. “The right to asylum can be lost if someone is convicted, on probation or jailed,” Merkel said after a meeting of the leadership of her Christian Read more […]

Merkel Preaches “Solidarity,” which Means Submission to Her “Refugee” Policy

One of the hints that the state is a religion is that politicians operate as preachers. Thus, Europe Online Magazine headlines, “Merkel urges German unity on migration crisis in New Year’s address.” The most important issue confronting Germany in 2016 is the nation‘s “solidarity” in dealing with the refugee crisis, Chancellor Angela Merkel will say in her New Year‘s address to the nation on Thursday. “It is important that we not let ourselves be divided – not among generations, and not among Read more […]

German Voters Moving Rightward Due to Muslim Immigration

The political establishment is losing the confidence of German voters as they watch their country being stressed by foreigners. A recent story in the Telegraph makes inquiring minds wonder if the way the country is receiving immigrants is going to substantially change the behavior of German voters: “Migrant dispute between conservative parties ‘pushing Germans to far-Right'” Disputes between Germany’s two ruling conservative parties over the migrant crisis is jeopardising the government’s ability Read more […]

Russia and the U.S.: Watch Angela Merkel Squirm!

A German MP accuses Angela Merkel of playing the part of a “vassal” to the United States and ignoring German and European interests. This is an amazing speech from Left Party Deputy Chair, Sahra Wagenknecht. Make sure the subtitles are on and read along in English. I especially loved the mention of Zbigniew Brzezinski and “the great game.” Obviously, if you know this blog at all, you know we don’t endorse Leftist ideology, whether espoused by Angela Merkel or Sahra Wagenknecht. But Read more […]

Anti-Islamic Feeling in Europe is Rationality, not Racism!

There are obvious reasons for anti-Islamic feeling. So one of the interesting features of the Islamic killings in Paris, is the reaction of German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. She was in Britain recently, and the Daily Mail reported on her public response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks: Chancellor Merkel said: ‘What has happened in Paris today is indeed a barbarous attack against all of the values we share.  ‘All of us that live in Europe strongly condemn these attacks and our thoughts Read more […]

Angela Merkel Pretends All Anti-Islamic Feeling is Racism

Angela Merkel goes on T.V. to accuse many of her countrymen of holding hate in their hearts. Reading this news story is amazing because it shows a national leader would rather publicly spin fantasies than deal with reality. According to the Telegraph, “Angela Merkel attacks ‘prejudice’ and ‘hatred’ of German Islamisation marches.” Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has used her New Year’s Eve address to launch a scathing attack on the country’s growing anti-Muslim protests, calling Read more […]

Angela Merkel Not Permitted to See What the NSA Has On Her

Angela Merkel is supposed to have a face-to-face meeting with President Barack Obama. If it actually happens it looks like it is going to be a rather tense and uncomfortable encounter. The U.S. government is refusing to let her know how much they spied on her. From the Guardian: The US government is refusing to grant Angela Merkel access to her NSA file or answer formal questions from Germany about its surveillance activities, raising the stakes before a crucial visit by the German chancellor Read more […]

How Can Any German Be Sure Merkel Wasn’t Blackmailed By NSA? What About Americans?

As Americans, if Merkel was forced to do the right thing by US blackmail, we might be OK with that. But we need to think in the long term. Germans, whatever their faults or virtues, do not want their elected leaders to be the puppets of a foreign government. And, if they think a foreign government has control of their leader, then peace between those two countries is going to degrade. I have no evidence that the US ever blackmailed any leader, but yesterday the New York Times released a story Read more […]

Barack Obama Knew Nothing About Spying On World Leaders; So Who Is President?

Though the German press reported that Obama gave permission to the NSA in 2010 to continue spying on Angela Merkel, Obama is denying the story. US officials are claiming that he didn’t know anything about the NSA’s spying on heads of state until recently. In the midst of the controversy over U.S. surveillance this summer, top intelligence officials held a briefing for President Obama at the White House – one that would provide him with a broad inventory of programs being carried out by the Read more […]

NSA At War With Planet: More Proof Of OBusha Sixteen-Year Presidency

I have not blogged about the reports that German chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone was tapped by the National Security Agency since, I have recently commented on similar situations in which the NSA has been caught spying on three Mexican Presidents and most Frenchmen. But now the Guardian has released more on the NSA spying on foreign leaders: The National Security Agency monitored the phone conversations of 35 world leaders after being given the numbers by an official in another US government Read more […]