PETA Hauls Man into Court for Verbal Abuse of Sheep

For the verbal abuse of sheep to take place, they have to understand human speech, right? This reads like a joke—like a story in The Onion. But it is important to realize that real courts are dealing with this accusation as a serious issue. An Australian news site reports, “Sheep stay silent in war of words over whether animals can suffer verbal abuse.” It began in September last year, when the New South Wales branch of the RSPCA received a tip-off about the alleged mistreatment of sheep, Read more […]

National Outrage over Palin Pet Trick Pic

Posting an image of a pet trick gets some people boiling mad for “animal rights.” Liberals are running out of reasons to find national outrage. I have to assume that’s what happens to their brains when they commit themselves to ignoring the real outrages carried out by the Obama Administration. The latest scraping of the bottom of the barrel is anger that Sarah Palin posted a picture of her son Trig standing on a dog. The pet is obviously in zero distress. Trig is six years old with Down Read more […]

Libs Hate Humanity: Bear Mauls Deerhunter, PETA Sides with Bear

Camille Bomboy was hunting for deer on her farm property when she was mauled by a bear who was concerned for the 18-year-old hunter’s proximity to her cub. Miss Bomboy was lucky, though, as she only received gashes to her arms and is still in possession of her head. Naturally, the leftists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have reprimanded the young woman in a letter. “Dear Ms. Bomboy,” it begins, “….This seems to be a good opportunity to put yourself in the place of Read more […]

The Government Dehumanization Project: Chimp Rights

People are trying to get a chimpanzee rescued from a cage by filing a habeus corpus claim with the government. This wouldn’t matter much to me except that CNN’s legal expert has decided to proclaim (“grudgingly”) that their arguments are persuasive. A writ of habeas corpus requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court. The idea behind habeas corpus is to provide a mechanism to seek the release of an unlawfully detained prisoner who is being held without sufficient Read more […]

PETA Outraged That Chris Christie Killed A Spider

No, he didn’t sit on the spider. And he didn’t eat it either. Although it’s possible that he has eaten many spiders in his lifetime. On average, a person eats 4 spiders a year during sleep, and he’s 50 years old, so you do the math. Actually, that’s a myth. I mean, the 4 spiders a year thing. It’s not true. It’s an old wives’ tale. (Is that sexist?) What had happened was a group of school kids were visiting Governor Christie’s office. Maybe it was a field trip or something. Read more […]

Woman Imprisoned For Not Being Able To Afford To Take Her Dog To The Vet

A Florida resident named Tammy Brown lives on a small, fixed income of only $508 a month, most of which goes to mortgage and utilities. With the little bit left over, she had been able to buy food and medicine for her dog, but because of her little income, she wasn’t able to afford to take her animal to the vet. A couple years ago, Animal Services confiscated the dog, put the dog under and then charged Tammy with animal cruelty. Her dog Harley was 14 years old, and it had a “host of health Read more […]

Man Facing Charges For Not Being Mauled By Bear

A 76-year-old Auburn, Massachusetts man Richard Ahlstrand had spotted a black bear in his backyard last Thursday around his bird feeders. On Friday, he went to fill up his bird feeders, and as a precaution, he took his shotgun. Sure enough, the black bear showed up and started to chase the old man. The man aimed his shotgun at the bear and shot it, killing the bear before it dropped to the ground. Now, he’s facing charges for illegally killing the bear, illegally baiting the bear, illegal possession Read more […]

PETA Wants a Memorial to Dead Fish

An Irvine, California woman representing PETA wrote a letter to Irvine city officials asking them to erect a sign at an intersection that memorializes the death of about 1,600 pounds of saltwater bass who met their demise in a vehicle crash a couple weeks ago. A truck was transporting the live fish to a market while the bass were being kept alive by several tanks of oxygen. After the collision, which involved two other cars, the fish and oxygen tanks spilled out all over the intersection, and the Read more […]