Scientists Breeding New Animals for Global Warming Scam?

One of the reasons global warming is such an attractive scenario is that it provides unending rationales for funding various nerd hobbies. Thus, we read in the L.A. Times: When a team of researchers from the University of Delaware traveled to Africa two years ago to search for exemplary chickens, they weren’t looking for plump thighs or delicious eggs. They were seeking out birds that could survive a hotter planet. The researchers were in the vanguard of food scientists, backed by millions Read more […]

German Liberals Think About Banning Animal Sex

Like many Americans with military veterans in the family, I grew up hearing stories about how we kicked the snot out of the Germans in World War II. I never realized until today that we may have kicked them just a little too hard. Then comes the headline, “German government to reintroduce ban on bestiality.” Reintroduce? Honestly, I think you WWII vets may have broke something. Back in 1969, Germany not only legalized homosexuality, but bestiality as well, according to the Daily Telegraph. (American Read more […]