Hackers Guilty Of Imitating NSA and FBI: Hacked Government

I don’t care much for Anonymous or other hackers. But I’m not weeping for the sake of the FBI’s computer security either. (Reuters) – Activist hackers linked to the collective known as Anonymous have secretly accessed U.S. government computers in multiple agencies and stolen sensitive information in a campaign that began almost a year ago, the FBI warned this week. The hackers exploited a flaw in Adobe Systems Inc’s software to launch a rash of electronic break-ins that began last December, Read more […]

Why is the FBI Keeping Track of Apple Device Users?

A few years ago, FBI agent Christopher Stangl appeared in a video put out by the FBI calling on people with computer science degrees to join them as they were needed now more than ever. In the video posted to Facebook, he said this: Hello. My name is special agent Chris Stangl of the New York City field office of the FBI. Today more than ever we need individuals with computer science backgrounds to join the FBI. From a special agent that investigates cyber crime or the computer scientist that is Read more […]