Michelle Obama is a “busy, single mother”?

In an interview with CBS, Michelle Obama called herself a “busy, single mother” before quickly correcting herself. She then said that having a president husband sometimes feels like not having a husband at all. Believe us, Michelle, we understand how you feel. Having Obama as president almost feels like having no president at all. No. That’s not quite right. In our case, we would actually be happy to have no president at all at this point. At least then he wouldn’t be doing anything. As Read more […]

Are “Natural Rights” Natural or Right?

There has been a lot of talk about “natural rights” recently. Someone in a comment stated quite graciously (or not) that I had no idea what I was talking about concerning natural law, and that there was a difference between natural law and natural rights. So I decided since I had already displayed my vast ignorance of natural law, it’s only fair and balanced of me to pontificate quite vapidly on natural rights as well. The most convenient place to start is with Thomas Jefferson’s now immortal, Read more […]